Mantras For Kids and Surrogate Mantras

Mantras For Kids

Families often have issues that not only transfer to their children but that their children find out about.   Teach your children mantras if it is appropriate.  If your family falls behind in paying bills, chances are

the children are aware of it.  They may know that there is not enough money for them to go to the

movies or that they even need to move out of the home because of a drop in income. If you and your

spouse are fighting a lot because of stress, encourage your children to do a mantra.  In these cases, the

child also is in need of stress relief.

I have found that children take to mantras like a duck to water, they love them.  They consider the mantras playful.   Many of them are willing to do the mantra because they instinctively know it helps the family.  Perhaps, you might consider these words for the child

Even though we are afraid,

I love and accept myself.

Why the word “we” instead of I? I have found that the child likes that feeling of community and it helps the child to feel like they are part of the solution.

Surrogate mantras

Believe it or not, mantras can be done surrogate, for others. You already know that thoughts and emotions transfer from mind to mind. That is the basis for a lot of what you feel during your day. That transference of emotions and  thoughts  is one of the big issues today.  As the “world as we know it” appears to be in chaos and breaking down, the transference of the lack of  faith and confidence is a very real issue.

When your mate, your friend or even your boss is stressing out and you know they are not going to be pleased if you suggest they do a mantra, it might be helpful for you to mantra away the issue.  As an example, you know or suspect your husband is depressed. Have a mental conversation with your God and tell him that this mantra is for your husband and then do the mantra:

Even though he is depressed

I love and accept myself


Even though we are depressed

We love and accept ourselves

Surrogate mantras work because your intention transfers the healing to your husband/friend though transference of energy. Pay attention  and you will see the decrease in stress.  If you are the type that needs to be hit with a baseball bat in order to notice something, in other words, you are not in tune with subtle energies then perhaps you will not be able to see the effects of a surrogate mantra. Enough people have done them and witnessed  a significant positive effect to make it worth your while to use this valuable tool in helping others, particularly those that you love.

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