Animal Assisted Therapy: Sex and Horses?

Help for your  sexual chakra

Animals are here to help humans evolve. The Indigenous know that if you are missing a particular energy, being with an animal of that energy will help to transfer it to your aura. This can also be done through visualization and looking at actual photos, paintings or images of the particular animal.

The horse has been known for centuries to have the ability to transfer to your aura the energy of power and sexuality. The horse is a symbol of desires, especially sexual; riding horses can increase your level of sex drive and energy.

The crocodile

The crocodile can also be visualized for taking in sexual energies. The movement of the crocodile is slow and sensuous, very stimulating to the sexual chakra.

Riding horses, and visualizing these animals are good exercises for stimulating the energies in your sexual chakra. Remember, the sexual chakra is not just about sex. It also processes your creativity and joy. It gives you the God-like ability to create a child. It is vital to take care of this chakra, as it is more than a path to God, it gives you a God-like qualities.

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