You may be raising a little Buddha!

I was on the Rocio show and the topic of discussion was the Indigo child. I was a guest along with a scientist and two mothers with their very special children. The scientist was not talking about the concept of Indigo so much as laughing at the thought that today’s children are “different”. The discussion was intense, with each mother telling of their child’s exceptional abilities. I was offering what my experiences were with the children of this era.
At one point Rocio asked her audience what they thought of the subject. Many in the audience were older and said that they did not understand the concept of Indigo. One very emphatic, elderly lady stood up and said she did not understand: all she saw was two small, hyperactive children! It was true the little kids could not sit still as they were 2 and 3 years of age. But what happened next pretty much settled the argument as to whether the children of this generation are different, and brighter and quicker. One of the mothers stood up and said she would prove, on the spot that her child was doing things very much in advance of what children her age “should” be able to do.
The older woman wanted “proof” that the child, Diane, was exceptional, and she got it. The mother and child walked up to the woman in the audience and Diane was asked to identify various colors. She did and in two languages! Diane is two and a half and has been doing this since she was two. And I am told she taught herself! The older woman, after the applause died down, said she was now convinced Diane was an exceptional child. Another woman in the audience said that after listening to us “debate” the reality of Indigo children, that she now understood her grandchildren.
This debate is typical of what happens around the subject of Indigo children (a lot of Indigo children are now grownups). Science says that children have always been this way. But the parents “know” and the caretakers “know”.

Indigo…or evolved?
Indigo is the word used to describe the children today that are very bright, almost gifted, intuitive and evolved. Many people today contend that the children are so much more advanced than children of the past. The word Indigo refers to a vibration that has a color, Indigo and refers to these evolved children. I prefer to use the word evolved, rather than Indigo, as in the past few years, the children being born are even more evolved than the Indigo…Difficult to believe, but true.

All About Indigo children (a lot of whom have grown up)

I have worked with children for years. I take care of people and children who have unusual problems. Parents bring me children, hoping that I can “figure out” what is going on. A lot of what is going on with children today has to do with the fact that they are different. They are more evolved. We were told by science decades ago that humans use less than 5 per cent of their brain. I think this new generation uses a much higher percentage. Many parents today swear their children are close to genius…
They are in service to humanity
These evolved children are not living to resolve their own issues; they are here for another purpose. Nothing is a coincidence with them, a lot of what they do that appears random, is really a significant attempt to teach society or adults something. They don’t adhere to the hierarchy of bad and good: if they have to do something bad to wake you up so you can be happier, they will they may have small bodies when they are young but their souls and their minds are ageless. They are born wise.
They Cannot Accept Lies
If they live within families where there is a lot of lying, the parents saying, “I’m happy,” when they are really not happy, the children will know it and will act out. The children insist on truth. You can help these children by being happier and more truthful with yourself and with your feelings.
They can be more hyperactive, nervous
Many of these evolved children/adults are hyperactive as their energy bodies have more electromagnetic energy than their physical body can handle efficiently. Too often they are classified as ADHD.
An expanded mind
These kids have minds that do not stay in one dimension. They receive information from more than one dimension at a time. That can make them very nervous. Their lack of focus, their inability to pay attention to their teacher or their parents often has to do with them mentally “wandering off” into other dimensions.
The new generations are naturally psychic
These children/adults tend to very psychic. This is a bit of a problem because all that extra information does not align them with society that has accepted emotional dishonesty as a standard that is enforced and admired. And teachers and parents tend to get irritated at a child that often knows more than they do.
Many of them have “magical” abilities. Lots of kids and some who are now adults, tell me, as a secret, that they know how to move objects with their mind and know how to  mind control; lots of stories of how they would mind control their teacher to rub her nose, lift her arm, say “OK” when it should have been “no”.
Parents and teachers do not know what to do with a child that knows the future, can read their minds and knows more than they should know. And when the child can also see the spirit world, then the adults really shut down.  Because of this, the children tend to hide what they see and know. After all, their teachers and parents tell them they are making it up. So basically they lean that if they communicate what they see and know, they will be called a liar or told they just imagined it. Is it so unusual that so many of them are nervous and hyper? Who can they talk to, who can they trust with their magnificent, spiritual information? Unfortunately, their parents all too often are part of the group of adults that do not honor their level of evolution. They “know” and many adults don’t like that…
What to do to help these kids
It helps for the children to know that they are accepted. If they come up with a prophetic piece of information, that they are not considered weird or that the information is denied. It helps if the parents understand that their child may know more about something than they do, even if he is only a child. It is important to remember that these are wise and savvy people being born into little bodies with limited speech when they are children. They are frustrated enough; they don’t need for their parents or society to be in denial of their abilities.
Less television and computers and more nature
A lot of these children are disassociated; they are more mental than physical. Being in nature is very grounding for them. Spending a lot of times outdoors, in physical activities, not on computers or in front a TV, helps to balance their energies. And then they become easier to live with, to work with.
Mother Earth is a natural source of magnet energies. But at times it is difficult for the child to spend enough time outdoors. So they become irritable, disassociated. I often recommend the use of magnets. There are magnetic insoles that help “ground” these children. A Japanese company called Nikken makes a blanket with magnets that is very helpful for stabilizing the child’s energies. It is very soothing, even for nervous, disassociated adults.

Spiritual Practices
Spiritual practices such as meditation, toning, prayer, contact with nature and animals, learning how to heal mentally, help these children to be in contact with their spiritual side. They are not just bright, they are also spiritually evolved. And a lot of these practices help them to learn to control their own minds and augment their ability to focus. Learning to control their focus is a critical component in helping these children to function well within their school and society.
Nature helps again, with Flower Essences
There are flower essences that help balance the child’s energies. These are the ones I find helpful:
1. Rabbitbrush helps with focus and attention issues
2. Larch helps them with the self esteem issues many of these evolved children have. They don’t particularly like being so different.
3. Clematis is another flower essence that helps with the disassociation so the child can pay more attention to what is in front of him, such as a teacher
4. Violet flower essence helps the child to feel more at home in a world that does not understand him
5. Dill helps the child balance the flow of information from the different dimensions. All this information can be overwhelming and distracting, one of the major issues parents have to deal with.
6. Zinnia is a flower that helps the child keep his child like nature in spite of his wisdom and evolution.  Too often these children are depressed, with constant nervous stomachs.
These flower essences are inexpensive and can be found at health food stores and natural food markets.
A Story…to help you understand the Indigo
A client and mother of an evolved child was on vacation with her children. She had a dream that told her to give her infant daughter a piece of a zinc tablet. She forgot the dream when she woke up. That morning her small son was sitting on a tall bar stool, holding the zinc bottle in his hand. He tipped over the bar stool, landing face down in front of his mother. All the adults present held their breath. The fall should have knocked the breath out of him. Instead of crying or looking shocked and shaken, he looked up from the floor and much to everyone’s astonishment, did not cry or scream, he just handed his mother the bottle of zinc!  At that point, she remembered…: he was reminding her of what she had forgotten…to give her daughter a small piece of the zinc tablet so she would not get sick on the trip. The child did not get sick on the trip.
These children seem to ‘know”, and do know more than they “should” know. That is wonderful and yet confusing at the same time. How do you treat a child that “knows” so much and yet is still a child? That is what we need to learn: to honor their wisdom and yet give them the space in their childhood to be children.
Educating these evolved children

The biggest issue with these children, after recognizing that the child is “different”, but different in a positive way, is how to educate then, how to satisfy their needs and how to keep them happy. And that is a very real problem as society has not changed its institutions to meet the needs of these children. Society is still teaching to a child that does not exist today. Society and science has not kept up with the evolutionary changes humans are going through. Today children are one example that life is different and that people are different.
The challenge for the parents and caretakers is to fill the needs of the child in a society that does not recognize their needs. I am told that in the Eastern culture many of these children would be considered mystical and spiritual, and I believe that is the case. But…in this part of the world, being mystical and spiritual is usually reserved for when you are in church and on Sundays, not the behavior teachers nor the government want during the school day. So it is up to the parents to take care of the specials needs of the child, to incorporate the values of these “new” children and to change their lives to adapt to what will help the child evolve into the evolved adults we want them to be.
Pay Attention, you may be raising a little Buddha!

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