Your Spirit Body… its habits

Your Emotional Energy Body has several names: spirit body, astral body, your spirit…

Your astral body has some habits you need to know about. It detaches from your energy assemblage and moves around, sometimes “flying” places. When it is detached, you are in danger of another spirit taking over your physical body. Don’t play games with this body, don’t do things that separate this body from your physical body. That includes anything where later you do not “remember”…such as:

1. Excess drinking

2. Drugs:

even pharmaceuticals used to help you sleep at night. There are too many people who are having sex, driving their cars and even going to work after taking a sleeping pill at night, and not remembering that they were having sex, driving their cars, etc. This issue hit the news when several people on the same drug for sleeping had car accidents and did not even remember waking up, dressing and driving their car! The drug caused their astral/ spirit body to separate from the their physical body and another  spirit came in and had sex with their mate, drove their car, etc….

3. Excess anger, rages

4. Surgury

5. Severe disassociation

6. Electroaddiction

due to excess radiation from microwave driven devices such as cell phones, cell phone   towers, hand held electronic games,    WiFi. which cause electroaddiction. We all know how people are losing their memory, which means they are not in their bodies….due to the electroshock of their electronic “conveniences”

7. Electrofog

which is due to an addiction to electronics or a deterioration of the mind due to radiation from cell phone towers, electric rooms, WiFi etc

Spirit possession

All of these mental states allow other spirit bodies to come into you and take over. It is called “possession” and it is very, very real. Remember, many of those on death row deny that they did anything wrong, they don’t remember doing something bad….That is because they were not in their body and some other spirit took over and made decisions they would never had made.

For now, try not to involved in activities that you will not remember later…it is truly not worth  it. after all, you are going to pay the consequences, regardless of who made the decisions.

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