From Victim to Master

December 31, 2016

A make believe exercise to prepare for this information

This little exercise may help prepare you to more easily understand your life on this planet. If you accept this story as a possibility it will widen your lens on who you are and what tools you can use to “do” life on Planet Earth.


Creative visualization exercise

Pretend that you are from another planet and determine that you want to participate in the evolutionary process of Planet Earth. But there are rules to visiting Planet Earth, the number one being you cannot remember who you are or where you came from once you get here. You also cannot remember what your intention was that made you choose to participate in the Planet Earth experience. And you must have a physical body to be part of the game of life on planet earth; you cannot just come in as spirit.


You drop into earth as liquid light, your natural state and you are poured/channeled  or we can say, your essence is channeled into strings. Those strings interpenetrate the different dimensions planet earth has.   In order to actually function on each dimension, you must acquire different vehicles that function on each dimension. These vehicles, also called bodies, stay with you in some way throughout your stay on Planet Earth even when you are not incarnated in the physical body you use to function on the physical dimension.


You choose your physical body, the vehicle you use on the physical dimension, knowing you will discard it totally after each incarnation. You know Planet Earth gives you multiple opportunities to achieve your intentions and you get a new, physical body each opportunity. That physical body is somewhat a reflection of your difficulties in previous lives. And it is able to help you achieve your intentions in this lifetime. So if you determine that being a basketball player will align you with your intentions, then your physical body will be compatible with what a good basketball player needs in terms of build, stamina etc.

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