Hyper? Anxious? Could it be a spirit?

I worked with a child that was exhibiting signs of an attachment. He was hyper, could not sit still, had a mind of his own and could not follow instructions.  He would bang his head, and shake his head back and forth when he was upset.

Antonio Azori, the shaman that works with us, was called.  I suspected a spirit and he validated that. He released a spirit. The next time I saw the child he was significantly calmer and no longer banging his head. A good description of the difference was that he now looked as if someone has removed a little motor he had in him that made him hyper. But he still had the rages.

Antonio was contacted again and informed that the rages continued. He did a second clearing. Now the child can hold eye contact for a long time He can play quietly, does not throw tantrums and can no longer be called hyper. He does not bang his head though he still has a habit of throwing himself on the floor when he gets angry. But it’s funny, because as soon as he is on the floor, he looks like he does not know what to do next! I feel he has the habit of starting a tantrum but no longer has the energy and focus of the spirit to actually have the tantrum. In watching him play, I can say that it looks like a second, more powerful motor was removed from him. The “motor” is the frantic energy of a spirit.

I do need to ad that spirit release does permanently release a spirit. But, but, the spirit attached because the aura of the person was broken. If the issue that broke the aura is not resolved, another spirit can attach.

Symptoms of spirit attachment in children

Please consider that if an adult or a child has these symptoms, he may have spirits attached:
  • Hyper behavior, as if the person/child had an internal motor running all the time, in spite of circumstances. In other words, when the person should be still, he is inappropriately moving around.
  • A change in facial expression when the person/child gets angry
  • Head banging, head rolling, body rigid when the person/child does not get his way
  • Severe change in behavior when the person/child is challenged
  • Abrupt changes in behavior or personality
  • Difficulty going to sleep or staying sleep; nightmares, bed wetting, stomach aches at night

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