Mayan Weekly Soul Check

This is a telepathic exchange between Frances and Dolphins about

How to avoid chaos in end time


Did the Mayans talk about this in the 2012 predictions?
Yes they did, with more details than the Bible. The Mayans were familiar with off Planet forces and spirits, so their fear was less, due to familiarity. They anticipated this issue and recommended a reunion of souls on a weekly basis to check out how the souls were doing.

What does that mean?
The Mayans recommended a weekly reunion of like-minded people/souls. In that meeting the intention was to check everyone to ensure they were not disassociating which would make them a target for invading spirits.

Weekly…sound like going to church….
Yes, in that it would be an intensely spiritual time, kind of like a “soul” check.

Suggestions for this weekly “soul check”?
It should be people who are open to discussing personal issues or at least willing to admit they have personal issues. It should be a safe place to reveal your deepest insecurities.
We will give you an example of a solid “soul check”gathering.

The people in the group form a circle and repeat in silence,  this mantra 108 times:

I am protected from unwilling beings that would invade me. I am allowed to protect myself because I have chosen to be one with God.

After the mantras, each person is asked to reveal what is hurting them, or what they fear most. As they say it, they must lock eyes with each person there, for at least 30 seconds per person.
After everyone has “revealed” their fears and issues, then the individuals should hold hands while still in the circle and silently chant this mantra 22 times:

Please God help me with my intention to unite with you again.

And that is it.
We are on our way back home to God. The process includes the battle that was predicted. We need to hold hands with others to sustain our faith that we, as individuals, will make it. In this weekly process we confront our fears, confront the blocking forces and reinforce our true intention to reunite with God.

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