Mixing of Species with Humans: Star Wars?

January 31, 2016 Align with your intentions quickly, as it will be harder in 2 weeks
February 14th will be the date the underworld is released onto the physical dimension. When the oil accident in the Gulf of Mexico opened up the underworld to our influence, it was a shock to the beings that inhabit that world. After the 14th it will be a shock to us when they overrun our world.
What can we expect will happen? It is already happening in the other dimensions and noticed by those who are considered “psychic” and “sensitives”. We can expect our sleep to be even more disturbed our children to become more anxious and our human relations to become even more confusing and frustrating.
What do these beings look like? They are shape shifters, as are most spirits. But generally they are elongated; they can be smallish in height as they are not “straight” but a little curvy. They don’t walk, the slither along, but upright, not like a snake that is on the ground.
Yes it scares us to document this information and have people say we have “lost it”. But we did not follow through on our promises to the Dolphins in 1996-1997 when they asked me to share with the world how natural catastrophes would dominate our lives. No one wanted to hear such awful information from such cute creatures, so we held back. There is no more time for any of us, no more times for holding back, for playing games, for waiting for the authorities to keep us informed and to “guide us”. They are as confused as the rest of us as what is going on. None of this in any of their training manuals.
What can happen with this much predicted “mixing of two worlds”? A lot of confusion, despair, suicides, terror and “ungrounding”. It will be the ultimate blow to what is left of the old male dominated hierarchy. Who do you turn to? Your grandmother who is so “spiritual” can give you better advice today than NASA.
What can you do to remain stable and sane in this new world? These beings do not do well in places or with people who are “grounded”. Being grounded means not being disassociated. That is a metaphysical term which means having enough of the particles of the EARTH ELEMENT IN YOUR ASSEMBLAGE OF ENERGY BODIES AND MINDSTRINGS.
How do you if you are grounded? If you can still look people in the eyes when you talk to them in a routine conversation. If you don’t walk down the street like a zombie, disconnected from your surroundings. If you do not spend a disproportionate time in your “head”, thinking or scheming or worrying. In other words, you are not too mental or emotional, which means you have a balanced distribution of consciousness in all your energy bodies.
We will be keeping a blog on this much-anticipated development in human evolution of the mixing of beings from different planets and different dimensions, so stay connected to this link for more information.

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