Galactic Spirits

Galactic Spirits

Helping our kids with their fears, nightmares, depression, suicidal thoughts or talk about wanting to die

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There are times in a human beings life when their soul is in transition such as birth and death. It also happens during sleep. When the physical body sleeps, the soul and other energy bodies release their alignment with the physical body. This creates issues such as leaving the physical body empty, which allows for intrusions. It also means the astral body is able to move freely around the astral dimensions, which can be dangerous if the astral/emotional body is weakened by fear, negative emotions or radiation.


At this time in the history of Planet Earth there is a furious battle between light and dark in the other dimensions and the kids are very much a part of it, especially at night when their astral bodies detach from their physical body and roam the other dimensions. Their interest in Star Wars, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter, all the electronic games where they have super powers to fight off weird invaders are symbolic of what they are actually trying to do in the other dimensions.

harry potter

Your child’s astral body has a life of its own at night. As you can see in the graphic of all the bodies your child has, the astral body is separate and can have its own agenda, which the child is not consciously aware of!


Astral bodies can  have what we would consider magic powers and can change shape and appearance at will. So can the invaders… Your child’s astral body and mindstrings need to be strong and protected as they fulfill their obligations in the other dimensions. And this will help them to fulfill their obligations in their physical life at school and at home.

 Some esoteric information on this issue:

“The zombie apocalypse is in reality a truce that was established eons ago with an end date, the end date was September 8, 2014. At that time the truce ended and there are no more rules in terms of what you call the battle between light and dark and what is more accurately termed the battle for control of Planet Earth.

The children lead the way in the battle, as they are aware of it. They prepare themselves and use their “ready to defend energies” in the violent video games etc but that can easily be turned into positive and effective energies by giving them the tools to use in the other dimensions where they are ready to defend Planet Earth.

Yes it all sounds like a fairy tales and melodramatic but we are at a dramatic point, the deciding point in the future of Planet Earth and just because the issues  sound dramatic does not mean they are not real. It only indicates the severity of the issue.”


We need to educate and support our children and strengthen their mindstrings and energy bodies so that they can do their mission without getting so beat up.

Protection Collection $99.00 protection collection #1

  • Coconut Aromatherapy for spirits of the usual sort
  • Orange Aromatherapy for the new vicious spirits entering Planet Earth since 12-21-2014. These are the spirits that are telling the kids at night that they are going to kill their parents and kill them
  • Tibetan Sacred Temple Music Cd, which changes the vibration of the space, causing negative spirits to leave
  • Mindful Mindstring Herbs, 2 a day, which strengthen the God Particles that make up the mindstrings and etheric body, strengthening the individuals ability to withstand the onslaught of negative thoughts, emotions and invasions of the spirit world

To purchase the Proteccion Collection with the above products:

or call 1-800-651-6804
  1. Spray both Coconut and Orange Aromatherapy in corners of room, bed and closet
  2. Put CD on very low for the entire night, or loud during the day to clear out negative energies and protection from negative energies
  3. Wear protective necklace
  4. Shower/tub bath before bedtime with bath salts
  5. No sweets or anything sugary, no liquor
  6. Only soft, sweet visuals from TV or books, nothing violent or fearful
  7. Some type of prayer or mantra such as:

                       Even though I am afraid, I love and accept myself

  1. Some protective statue, photo, artwork that reminds the child they are protected
  2. Salt lamp

Additional recommendation:

Labradorite Talisman necklace $22

Labradorite Talisman necklace, which has lithium and protects the neck against penetration and invasion. The neck chakra is where the galactic energies enter human beings. Those energies can be the Golden Age energies or invading energies. The Labradorite protects from the invading energies and spirits.

Additional Notes

The life our children are leading during the sleep state is making them weak and vulnerable, not just at night but during the day also. Hard to function at school if you think someoneis going to kill your parents.
“It is well-known that feelings of powerlessness and helplessness weaken the immune system, making one more vulnerable to physical and mental illness.”

Within the last week I have had these stories shared with me:
1. “my son says the bad people at night say I should kill you (my parents)”
2. a little girl says she is afraid her mother is going to die and she is afraid she will have no where to live
3. a very small child just learning her letter tells her mom she sees letter in the air in her bedroom. Her mother gets her to spell them out and the letters are BOB. When the mother looks up the word it means”to be an omen, to predict”…?????
A lot of bad stuff happening in the spirit world which is pushing our kids…

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