Sacred Salt Lamps

The Miracle of Sacred Salt Lamps

This is a short list of what should improve with the regular use of the Sacred Salt Lamps improve:salt lamp globe

Panic attacks



Psychic attacks by spirits

Communications at meeting




Asthma, allergies

Sacred Salt Lamps support your intentions

Your spaces are full of energies that can either support your intentions or detract from them. Generally, your intentions have to do with something you want to manifest on the physical dimensions, a better job, a relationship, a new home, income stability, better family relations and such.

Helping the chi in your home flow

Because of your deep desires for many things on the physical dimension, it is on the physical dimension that you need to be clear of blocks. What does this means? It means that you need to have the chi, the life force within your home and your work places flowing at the rate and in the direction that supports your intentions. If the chi is blocked at the front door, then you will be blocked at the entrance of chi in your home/office and your intentions will be weak, not be energized.

Sacred Salt Lamps Stabilize

Salt lamps bring the element of earth to your home/office. It offers an easy and beautiful way to stabilize the energies within the space. It does that by balancing the elements. If there is too much fire, it extinguished the fire. If there is too much element of water, it slows its flow. If there is too much air, it makes it heavier so that is does not have excess movement.

All of this happens in the other dimensions, where you are not able to witness the sacred corrections of the elements. But what you can see on the physical dimension is that conversations flow well, anger, which is fire, dissipates more easily and thoughts, which are air, are more grounded.

Your children need a Sacred Salt Lamp

The children today may be Indigo and Crystal and beyond, but they struggle to understand and to be effective on the physical dimension. The earth element can be added to their spaces to help to anchor their energy bodies to their reality on the physical dimension. The Sacred Salt Lamps can help them to accomplish their mission by grounding them

Sacred Salt Lamp Mantra

Augment the power of the Sacred Salt Lamp with your focused intention on healing your spaces by repeating this mantra as you approach the lamp to turn it on or off:

Please God help us in our intention to heal our home/office.


Use in the bedrooms and offices and near the front door of your home and office. The natural tempo of life is of as many hours of light as of darkness. That is the pattern that should be followed in terms of length of time the lamps should be on. Periodically wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth. The lamp sweats, so place them on coasters or a place mat.

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