The Magic of Chocolate


The Intention of Chocolate

July 30, 2007
What are the energies of chocolate?
Chocolate is a gift to the world that is recognized. The problem is that it is considered “sinful”. As with many other natural items on the table available to humans, the goodness of chocolate comes with guilt.
The chocolate seed comes with the intention to open the heart to the opposite, whether it is opposite sex, or opposite as in enemy. It is a plant that has the intention to overcome duality. In that sense it is an energy of the highest order. It has been overwhelmed with sugar, which is an open invitation to entities, and other unnatural preservatives, it now ranks as one of the natural items on the planet that instead of doing good, brings out the worst in humans. which is guilt.
 Why is guilt so bad?
Because guilt causes humans to reject themselves and what they really want. They want the whole box of chocolates and that is Ok but society says just one and even that one is loaded with sugar so really, “you should not even eat that”!
Do yourselves a favor. Get real chocolate and drink it daily, with sugar, with a sweetener and see how happiness increases in your lives. But do not drink it if you are going to feel guilty as that erases the positive intentions that cocoa brings to your aura.

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