Fox Sensory Therapy Videos: “Turtles: Are You Sad Inside?”

The Fox Sensory Therapy Videos were designed to prevent the health issues that arise when stress is not resolved. Left unresolved, stress becomes the basis for illness according to the studies of psychoneuroimmunology.

Observations by a medical professional after viewing the “Turtles: Are You Sad Inside?” video.

Most of us (kids and adults) push difficult feelings away and put on a happy face. We don’t admit to ourselves or others how awful we feel. It’s only through acknowledging and maybe even naming the sad, or scared, feelings that we can get past them. Otherwise, they’re still there and may grow and can cause stress and physical illness without us even realizing it. So, feeling the sadness is actually good for us as it can helps us move on and become truly happy and healthy!”

The “Turtles: Are you Sad Inside?” video was produced for children/adults who have been emotionally affected during the pandemic by issues such as:

  1. Sadness at not being able to go to school
  2. Sadness at not being able to see and play with friends
  3. Sadness of seeing family members stressed
  4. Fear of loved ones potentially getting sick and dying
  5. Fear of what else might happen
  6. Sadness at not having birthday parties, or class graduations
  7. Sadness of not seeing grandparents
  8. Fear due to uncertainty about school due to rapidly changing decisions
  9. Sadness of not being able to do sports, and other activities

This video is not a feel-good video. Rather, it was designed to trigger emotions that have been buried or repressed. It is intended to make children and adults sad, and in that way, draw up and out of the body repressed negative emotions that left unchecked can later impact health and happiness.


For example, Frances has found that the root cause of fibromyalgia is often due to a depression due to issues arising at ages 13-14, that lasted for several months, or even a couple of years, and did not get cleared and ended up congesting the muscles/tissues of the person.

When you repeat the mantra: Even though I was depressed I love and accept myself for several weeks, the aches and pains of that condition often are reduced or eliminated.

If this sensory therapy had been used at the time, their physical body would not have absorbed the negative emotions and they would not have experienced fibromyalgia.

Turtles: Are you Sad Inside?” video:



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