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Video: Are You Good or Bad?

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It is possible your “bad” behavior is a sign you are a very evolved soul willing to sacrifice yourself for others. We are at entering the extreme part of the battle between good and evil but, but but maybe we are missing important information. May our physical bodies are behaving like a “nice guy” and our astral energy body is running around at night killing and raping people. You do know your astral body that many call your spirit has a full life in the other dimensions? Do you know what it is doing? If all day long you long to beat up your unfair boss or husband, then maybe your astral body does just that for you! These are your bodies, physical and the others in other dimensions….you really need to know what they are doing…This video has...

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Life Mysteries Revealed by Remote Viewer Frances Fox

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Your Astral Body and more Seminar Español 8-9 de noviembre, 2014 en Miami Bottom line for those with short attention spans: Frances discovered the structure of the human mind. With that information you can control your world, better said, you will be master of your destiny and also have answers that science and religion have been searching for since the beginning of time. Below are a few of the Life Mysteries Frances will unravel in this groundbreaking seminar Remote Viewer Frances Fox  Science has been hot on the trail of what is called “the fundamental structure of the universe”. Frances Fox discovered it via her remote viewing skills and has been working with it since the 1990’s with people who are sick, executives and in stress management training. She found that, just as the string theorists contended, the fundamental...

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Your Spirit and the Death Process

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The death process is not a simple case of “dying” He and his sister had run a business together for over 35 years.  They were a very solid work team.  She passed four months earlier.  The reason that she decided to transition/die was that she had stopped working because she had a heart attack. She never recuperated from the open heart surgery, preventing her from doing her work properly. Because of her upbringing, her self-esteem came mainly through her work.  She was a gifted as artist in her work.  As she was becoming increasingly ill, life was difficult for her and for those around her. When she was in the hospital in a coma she telepathically communicated to me that she had determined to leave (to die).  She was too unhappy.   Speaking to her astral/spirit body While she...

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Loved Avatar and The Matrix? Then you understand Zombies

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May 17 , 2010 The oil drilling accident was not just an accident it was a world changing, destiny-determining event Dolphin message May 17th, 2010 Note from Frances: The  future is elastic and plastic, not all prophesies come true.  Prophesy is a gift of advanced knowledge so that if you do not like what you see, you change your path. In this Dolphin message, the dire future did not happen, yet they warned us to watch out for what is happening now with the zombies. May 17 , 2010 Take off your hat and shoes and sit down and relax because the hustle bustle that you are used to is going to stop. Soon you will not have to go to work because there will be no work. Soon you will not have to iron your clothes because it...

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Don’t Neglect Your Energy Bodies! The Real 2012 Issue

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Who are you? More than you think you are and because you don’t really really know that, you are neglectful of you. April 14, 2011 This is you, a person with a physical body. You wash your body, you protect it with a house over its head and you take it to the doctor regularly. You try not to feel it trash because you know that will not work out long term. And you probably have well over 50 different products you use on this body, from more than one type of shampoo to hair conditioners, to toothpaste, to deodorant, to body cremes, to medicated lotions, to suntan lotions, to hand sanitizers, etc. Just check in your closets and drawers to see how many products you use to keep up with your physical body. Your energy bodies You have...

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