2018 Horoscopes Create Intentional Karma

2018 Horoscopes

What is your karma for 2018?
We have entered the Age of Aquarius; an era that promises augmented powers of the mind and magic. 2018 can be the best year of your life or it can be the worst year of your life and you will have no one to blame but yourself. Karma is a deep-rooted impression on your mind, and you can make that impression through focused intention, in this lifetime!
“…and the meek shall inherit the earth”
We have all witnessed the fall of hierarchy and the rising up of the victim facing their abuser and winning. The biblical prophesy that the meek shall inherit the earth is becoming a reality, even though none would have thought it possible a year ago.
What does that have to do with your luck or prosperity next year? Your ability to master your destiny was always a possibility in the past, but difficult to achieve for most people. Today with the removal of the veiling of other dimensions you can achieve whatever you want, whenever you want it and you will not be victimized by old values of the Age of Pisces.
Today your destiny and future is not intertwined with that of anyone else. You can achieve miraculous goals right next to others that despair because of their bad luck. It all has to do with your focus on your intentions but do make sure you are aware of what it is that you truly want/intend.
Energizing your intentions
Determine what you want and then breathe into that intention. Focus your thoughts on visualizations of how that “achieved” intention will look. Stop negative thoughts in their tracks and substitute them with an intention mantra and your visualization.
Even though you may have been doing mantras and visualizations for years, you have never ever had the support from the other dimensions that you will have in 2018. All you have to do is be awake and aware and energize those intentions with breathe and visualizations and you will have a fabulous 2018. This too was foretold. It was called the Golden Age and it has arrived.
Pay attention, as the creation of the reality of your intentions can be problematic. If you hate something, it creates a built in intention to either hurt or get rid of that something. You need to be very clear with your negative emotions as they create subconscious intentions that will also become realities.
Aries 2018
You want yet you complain at the same level of your “wanting”. Stop the negativity and figure out what you want, focus your breath to energize what you want and don’t get distracted by complaining. Substitute the complaining with this mantra, which should include what it is that you are complaining about:

Even though I am not happy about…..

I love and accept myself.


Taurus 2018
In 2018 you could have all that you want but you may be restricted by your limited ability to energize your intentions. Your exhaustion has finally caught up with you and may be the determining factor in your ability to create a life you want. It may also be the main factor in your health deteriorating.
We suggest you repeat this mantra in silence at least 20 times a day:

Please God help me with my intention to know how to take care of myself.

Gemini 2018
The reality is that you have a powerful mind that you dissipate with excess thoughts. Take the time to monitor what your mind does throughout your day and you will see that you do not focus on any one thing but on multiple intentions at the same time.. This habit is stimulating but very inefficient when it comes to energizing something important in your life. We suggest you repeat this mantra throughout your day to train your mind to focus on the intention that is the most important at that moment:

Please God help me with my intention to learn how to focus my thoughts to energize my intentions.

Cancer 2018
It has been lifetimes of victimization that makes you cranky and whiny, as Cancers tend to be. That behavior can become a habit and continue even when everything is going the way you intended. You need to augment the time you spend on being grateful, not just to the fates, to God, but to be grateful to your family and your friends and co-workers. We suggest this mantra throughout your day:

Please God help me with my intention to be grateful.

Note: Gratitude opens up the crown chakra allowing more Golden Age energies into your life.
Leo 2018
You know what you want yet you dare not tell anyone. You are embarrassed to go after what you want and then fail. That has always stopped you from moving forward in the direction that can make you happy. We suggest this mantra throughout your year to help you align with what makes you happy.

Please God help me with my intention to be willing to admit and go after what I want.

Note: Shame, embarrassment and self-esteem issues are the lowest vibration. It is even lower than the vibration of hate.
Virgo 2018
Your fear of not being perfect has truly blocked your ability to perform at the level of your greatness. In order to achieve the intentions that will really make you happy we suggest you repeat this mantras in silence throughout your year:

Even though I am ashamed I am not good enough

I love and accept myself.

Libra 2018
You value yourself over all others, yet you doubt yourself so much you often cannot energize your intentions. We suggest you repeat in silence this mantra as often as you can:

Please God help me with my intention to believe in myself.

Scorpio 2018
You have wild dreams about what your life could be like and then you remind yourself to be realistic. You should stop doing that as 2018 can bring you all you fantasized about and more, but only if you believe and change the fantasies into intentions. We suggest this mantra repeated in silence:

Please God help me with my intention to convert my fantasies into intentions.

After repeating this mantra you may find some of the fantasies more fun as fantasies then if they became realities. At that time you may not want to waste your time fantasizing and instead energize the intentions you really want.
Sagittarius 2018
Being bold is wonderful and 2018 can bring you many accomplishments you dreamed of but could not accept would ever be your reality. The conclusion is that you act forward and bold but do not truly believe in yourself. We suggest this mantra repeated in silence:

Please God help me with my intention to believe I can really do this.

Capricorn 2018
2018 will be a banner year as the Gods of Karma have prepared you for greatness. What is standing in your way is your own judgment of your actions and accomplishments. We suggest this mantra repeated in silence throughout the year:
Please God help me with my intention to understand myself.
This mantra may reveal to you that you are a much nicer, and compassionate person than you and others were aware of. That knowledge will help open your path to your mission and help you to help others.
Aquarius 2018
You can reach the top of the mountain as long as you decide which mountain you want to climb. Too many choices has always been your downfall as it dissipates your focus and energy. We suggest you repeat this mantra in silence to keep you aware that limiting your choices will bring you more success.

Please God help me with my intention to accept I cannot do everything.

You want peace and quiet and will do anything to achieve those goals, including abandoning your intentions. We suggest you repeat in silence this mantra so that you can hold onto your intentions:

Please God help me with my intention to accept that I have the right to be happy.

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