Sexual Abuse 2017

From the Dolphins  November 24, 2017
Sexual abuse has been a part of human life for centuries. It is an issue driven by spirits who invade when the person is broken. The spirits that enter come in from other planets and lay their eggs inside of the abused person. Decades later the person has tendencies/compulsions that are driven by the spirits that have grown up.
You may see children who have behavior that is the path to being a sexual abuser but the tendency to actually have sex with the victim is not there as the development of that need is not there. But once the invaded person grows up, that sexual inclination can be the driving force to becoming an abuser.
 Hierarchy issue
Abuse is very much a hierarchy issue where it is assumed the person at the top of the hierarchy has the power and therefore the right to determine what they do to the others who are beneath them. So hierarchy supports sexual abuse. In this case the power of men over women.
 There are fewer cases of women sexually abusing, as they are not on the top of the hierarchy so that component to the abuse is missing. If they abuse, it is a sign they are extremely broken and their balance of male/female energies is not good. In some cases they are missing their female energies due to being abused themselves so badly they detach/separate from their female aspect.
 Revelations about sex abuse is about revealing spirit invasion
 All the revelations are a sign that power of hierarchy has diminished which is very good for people, regardless of sex or race. The process is messy as people have not wanted to deal with the off planet spirits that invade and then sleep in their sexual chakras.
 Sacral sexual chakra
The sacral sexual chakra is a direct link to God and to off planet. The same as the public does not really really want to know there is life off planet, it does not want to know that they can have inside of them a spirit that is from off planet.
 Spirits from Orion
These are the spirits we know invade in the area of sexuality:

  • Incubus is the off planet spirits that uses male energies to harm the individual they invade.
  • Succubus is the off planet spirits that use female energies to harm the individual they invade

 Both come from Orion and have wanted to enter the Planet to engage in war against human consciousness. So sexual issues such as sexual abuse has to do with the evolution of human consciousness.
 Sex abuse was already becoming an open issue and people were already dealing with it privately. But today there is a need to push forward and take care of these off planet invasions so we can win the war that has been waged against our desire for evolution.
 What do we do about the people who abuse?
 The people who abuse are invaded, so they need help to get rid of the spirits that pushed them to abuse. So spirit release therapy, liberaciones done by churches and therapy to repair what broke them that allowed the spirits to come in.
 Unfortunately many young and not so young people have openings to the spirit world due to electromagnetic radiation from their cell phones, cell phone towers, etc.
 Sacral and throat chakras portals to spirits
The two chakras that are involved in sex abuse are the throat chakra and the sacral/ sexual chakras.

  • You open holes in the throat chakra when you hold a cell phone or cordless phone to your ear
  • You open holes in your sacred chakra 2 inches below your bellybutton when you text
  • You open holes in your sacred chakra 2 inches below your bellybutton when you hold the phone between your legs while you drive or sit (you also damage your root chakra which has to do with material prosperity/money)

Less energy for sex means less sexual abuse
But many of these same people who will be invaded, will not sexually abuse because of the decrease sexual energies due to radiation that dried up the water in the sacral/sexual chakra. So there will be less sexual abuse simply because there will be less energy for sex.

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