Note: This is a chapter about the Etheric Energy Body  from a book Frances is writing on her discovery of the mind body connection that includes your energy bodies and the mindstrings that channel the mind that connects these bodies to each other. The etheric energy body is the blue one with the grid effect and it “lives” on the etheric dimension.


We are currently working with an individual who has ALS.  ALS is a  lack of alignment  of the etheric energy body with the physical body. We found the root cause of his disease to be  several incidents in which his etheric body was jolted out of alignment with his physical body.  These are the incidents:

1. mother fell when 6 months pregnant

2. at nine he had a near drowning with a near death experience

3. fall between 7 and 10 where he had a slight concussion and he remembers that  after when he would step it felt like it took an extra second or two for his spirit to catch up with his body, a clear sign his bodies were out of alignment and not working together

4.  The most important incident,  the root cause of his  ALS is that at age 14 he experienced a huge shock which jolted his etheric body further out of alignment when he witnessed a lighting strike

5.  at 27 he had another  accident

We are now in the process of  realigning his etheric with his physical body. and recommending that he get intravenous vitamin C to strengthen his etheric body that is not healthy.


The Bodies

“Every student of Occultism is familiar with the fact that man possesses several bodies or vehicles through which he is enabled to express himself on the various planes of nature.”

The Etheric Double by A.E. Powel (Quest Books, 1925)

These other energy bodies interact with and actually precede and organize the physical body. More concretely, the physical body is a result of these bodies. The bodies and stings are known throughout history and have names in Hinduism and Buddhism. Below is a graphic of those bodies and their strings. These are the names of the assemblage of structures and bodies and remember science now accepts there are 11 dimensions and perhaps as many as 20. In this book we deal with 5 dimensions and 5 bodies, two of which do not look like the physical bodies and were called vehicles, because they are what is used to navigate the individuals life on those dimensions.
These bodies are supposed to be one inside the other like a set of Russian dolls.

RUSSIAN DOLLS OPEN iStock_000019139698Small

  • Gold center Axis on the right is the tree trunk, is called the Causal Energy Body. It is a huge hallow strings on the causal dimension. This is where core human intentions are held from lifetime to lifetime.
  • 72,000 thin strings from the Causal body of the tree of life and we named them Mindstrings. In literature they are referred to as the mental energy body and live on the mental dimension. The mindstrings are the mind body (bodies) connection
  • The human body on the physical dimension is called the physical Body and lives on the physical dimension
  • The body made up of a blue grid is called the Etheric Energy Body. It is also composed of strings that are held tightly together, and it is electric in nature and operates on the etheric dimension. It is the human immune system and vitalizes the physical body. It is separated with blows, falls, shock and anesthetics
  • The gold body is called the astral/desire body on the astral dimension and is about emotions. It operates on the astral dimension, the most interesting dimension and body of them all  and  it is most often called our spirit.

NOTE: The astral/desire body and the physical body are the ones not composed of the mindstrings  that channel the human mind.
We understand death to be the death of the physical body yet when the physical body dies, the other parts of the assemblage do not. We will go into details on that in later chapters.

The Etheric Energy Body

Your electric bodyetheric body-rough



Esoteric information about the etheric vehicle

Esoteric information is what is generally hidden from the masses, from the public. Exoteric information is information that is given out to the general public. What follows here is what used to be esoteric, hidden, secret information that might be useful for you to know now. Remember, in the land of the blind, a man who can see if king. Use your instincts to “see” if this information rings true, regardless of how strange or esoteric it sounds. It is truly nice to be part of the in crowdIt is time, as we are truly in times of “revelations”.

 The afterlife of your electrical body

Where does it go?

Death will cause the physical and the etheric body to separate.  Yet the etheric body can separate while a person is dying. Because the etheric is what gives life to the physical body, and it lives longer than the physical body. In cultures that are familiar with the etheric body, it is  cremated to ensure that this body is absolutely “dead”.

How long does it live?

It has been said that it normally takes 3 days after a person stops breathing for the etheric body to die. The etheric body is the part of us that can remain alive for three days after the physical body dies. It is the reason our nails and hair continue to grow. I cringe when I hear about an autopsy being ordered on a person who has just died. It has been known for centuries that looking dead and not breathing are not necessarily accurate indicators that a person has finished dying. It is our lack of knowledge of these energy bodies that allows  our society  to do  autopsies and bury people who may not be dead just yet!  It is   time  that we establish what death is so we don’t inadvertently kill people. But how can we know when someone is dead when we did not even know we have parts of us that don’t die?

Ghosts in Cemeteries?

The etheric body is called the wraith when it separates from the physical body. The wraith looks like a ghost with a soft body. It can be seen floating close to the body of children with cerebral palsy, people in comas, drowning victims. (Etymology: The word “wraith” according to the OED first attested in 1513, in Gavin Douglas‘ translation of the Aeneid with a meaning of both “ghost, apparition of a deceased person” and “an immaterial or spectral appearance of a living being”. As it is supposed to be close to the physical body to vitalize it, it may be the reason why these types of conditions include lack of mobility.

The shape of the  etheric energy body

This body is shaped like the physical body and resembles a web or net made out of twisted mindstrings.  It reminds me of a Higgs Field int he shape of the human body, defects and all.  As per Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light, pg. 49:

 “The etheric body consists of a definite structure of lines of force, or energy matrix, upon which the physical matter of the body tissues is shaped and anchored. The physical tissues exist as such only because of the vital field behind them: that is, the field is prior to, not a result of, the physical body.”


The structure of the etheric body is a perfect duplicate of our dense physical body, including anatomical parts and organs. Its webbing serves as a protection and barrier to negative entities, other people’s thoughts and emotions.  It helps to block  other people emotions that are magnetized to you.  We will discuss  t the magnetic quality of emotions in the next chapter on the astral body.

It supplies the vital life force, a form of electricity, behind and supporting the physical body. The physical body is alive because of the etheric body, which vitalizes it. Otherwise the physical vehicle would just be a “sack of bones” which is exactly what it becomes when anesthetics separates it from the physical body.

The etheric energy body is the matrix from which your physical body is formed. Their strings  are lines of force . In esoteric literature, the etheric vehicle is considered to be connected to your immune system and has been called :

  • Electric  body
  • Life web
  • Health aura

Very little consciousness

Your etheric body contains very little of your consciousness.  It is influenced by your past lives in that it holds the record of your traumas.


Your etheric body carries very little  consciousness. That means it really does not have a “life” of its own, whereas some of your other energy bodies do have a life of their own. It  has  a robotic type of vitality. That is why when you “happen” to see it separate from the physical body, it appears to be wandering or “lost”.

 The etheric body does not die when your physical body dies but it does go “away” for a while. Then it is called our silver cord, which we keep lifetime after lifetime. It is said it remains alive for 72 hours and is the reason your nails and hair continue to grow.

Your etheric body and birth defects

If it is hurt enough in a previous life called an incarnation, then the physical body that develops from it also has that defect. This explains how many are born with all sorts of defects that science has not been able to understand. If you were born with a weak right ankle, or any other issue, chances are that a previous life trauma damaged your etheric body.


The texture of the etheric body is supposed to be smooth and firm yet many times it is not and that creates health problems. This is a sketch of a child whose mother admitted was addicted to electronics, whose reason for consulting with me was her health and meotional issues. After sketching her, there was no question that radiation was the issue and that it was severe. All that viewed the sketch and knew the child went into shock when we saw how deteriorated her assemblage was. We could now understand the why of her issues.radiated child girl

When you really understand that stress is a damaging force to the bodies, you will more fully accept that devices that radiate are stressing your bodies, as in changing their shapes. If you see the following graphic, then

it means that the editor of this book is now aware, the way most individuals are not, that electromagnetic radiation is a huge health issue, said by many public health officials to be the number one contributing factor

to the increasing importance of environmental influences on health and disease.

The etheric body needs to be protected during its formation

The etheric body is formed between conception and age seven. It is critical that during pregnancy and the formative years of a children’s life that they be surrounded by the healing energies of the elements, which the etheric feeds off of. Unfortunately, it will also feed off the radiation of the expectant mother’s microwave cell phone, sonograms, wireless child monitors, wireless routers in the next room and more. It is not just our opinion that many kids etheric bodies   were subjected to too much radiation and too little nature starting at conception with the mothers texting etc and the sonagrams and then the wireless child monitors etc, All of these radiate microwave and debilitate the protective nature of the etheric body.

GET THIS INFO FROM MATRIX BOOK The healthy formation of the etheric body gives a child a strong constitution and immune system, the foundation for good health throughout their lives. I have worked with families who live near large radiating devices whose children hae learning disabilities and behavior issues, whose mother had her own set of issues due to the radiation and whose father seemed to be unaffected. When asked, he said he lived his entire childhood in a small town in a natural setting with no large electrical devices, no transformers, no cell phones and lots of contract with nature. That natural unradiated environment give his protection against the issues in his environment at the time we met him.

Invisible factor  is damaging our children: children today are very damaged and that it is due to radiation

Several years ago we asked a group of people to participate in a class where we would sketch their children’s auras. We had kids with ADD, one autistic child and then “regular” kids who may or may not have had issues

at school, such as leaning disabilities.

The sketches of the children’s energy bodies were so distorted and “black” that we wondered if we had pulled together a group of very very sick kids. We literally went into shock and the parents did also. Yet when I revealed what the symptoms might be of what we were sketching, most of them agreed that their child exhibited those symptoms.

Later that day one of the mothers called the office to speak to me. She worked at a TV station and said she knew me to be a very responsible person and that I probably already knew what she was going to recommend, which was that I not reveal what we had discovered via the sketches, that the children today are very damaged and that it is due to radiation!

I reminded her that I was only sketching  the  kids bodies and it was irresponsible not to reveal the truth. She said it was too scary and most people would not welcome the information. She reminded me what we both knew at that time, people were not going to let go of their  electronic toys and the conveniences of great call reception.

The sketch above was  by far the worst graphic of a young girl addicted to her cell phone at age 14.

Adults too

And below you see two women encircled with black due to the radiation they absorbs at work in a center with hundreds of cell phones and wireless equipment. They are “normal” people with no major health issues. The black box sketched on their hip and waist is where they hold their cell phones. Apparently the radiation from cell phones not only reduces bone density but also burns through layers of their aura, opening a “portal” to other dimensions.

Today in 2014 it is unusual to sketch a person who does not have evidence of damage due to radiation. Read the expert opinions below, but even if there is not a huge number of scientists worried about where public health is headed due to radiation, let me appeal to your common senses: you know that you know instinctively that all that time on devices is not good. I am not the only intuitive out there; you too should incorporate your instincts into your life decisions to ensure you protect your bodies and those of your children. See what some experts say:

“Based on the existing science, many public health experts believe it is possible we will face an epidemic of cancers in the future resulting from uncontrolled use of cell phones and increased population exposure to Wi-Fi and other wireless devices.  Thus it is important that all of us, and especially children, restrict our use of cell phones, limit exposure to background levels of Wi-Fi, and that government and industry discover ways in which to allow use of wireless devices without such elevated risk of serious disease. We need to educate decision-makers that ‘business as usual’ is unacceptable. The importance of this public health issue can not be underestimated.”

David Carpenter, MD

Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, and Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, School of Public Health, University of Albany, SUNY
Co-Editor, The BioInitiative Report (


“Very recently, new research is suggesting that nearly all the human plagues which emerged in the twentieth century, like common acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, female breast cancer, malignant melanoma and asthma, can be tied to some facet of our use of electricity.  There is an urgent need for governments and individuals to take steps to minimize community and personal EMF exposures.”

babies, radiation

Samuel Milham MD, MPH

Medical epidemiologist in occupational epidemiology.
First scientist to report increased leukemia and other cancers in electrical workers and to demonstrate that the childhood age peak in leukemia emerged in conjunction with the spread of residential electrification.

This is how pervasive the issue is. This is a graphic comparing women from     to   . Notice the black circles etc around all the women today.

Now on to more fun stuff about your energy bodies and your mind.


Anesthetics separa the etheric energy body from the  physical, allowing the doctor to  operate on the physical body without the patient feeling the pain of the incisions or procedures.

We witnessed a Stem Cell Therapy Procedure for a beauty treatment. The patient was only given local anesthetics to  dull the pain in the places in her body that the doctor was working on. This is what we saw, which  was a displacing of the etheric from the abdomen:

stem cell research #13 april 2015_Page_4stem cell research etheric lidocaine_Page_1

Past Life Traumas

Here are some examples of problems caused by damages to the etheric energy body. This is as good a time as any to reveal that the root cause of many diseases can be due to a past life trauma. Our physical body dies each lifetime and returns to the earth, but our physical bodies do not die and they carry the wounds sustained in each life into the next.

Vulnerable to cancer due to past life issues

We took care of a young woman who had cancer in her leg. It was unusual for an adolescent to have cancer and in that spot! During the diagnosis, we found that in a previous lifetime she had sustained an injury that caused her to lose her job, and also her marriage.

 She blamed her leg in that lifetime, as she saw it as the cause of her unhappiness. The holding of the emotion of hatred prevented the etheric webbing of her leg repairing. She was reborn, in this lifetime (incarnation) with defective etheric webbing in that same leg, in exactly the same spot. Then this lifetime, she lost her job and her marriage, due to other circumstances. Those events triggered the memory of hatred and impotence, which, together with the defective webbing, allowed the unusual cancer to develop.


Several years ago a client called that her child had a seizure and was hospitalized. She wanted to know, from a medical intuitive standpoint, what was wrong, as the child had never had a seizure before. I checked, with my intuitive senses and found that a part of the childs “etheric” head was not the same as the rest. It had the look and feel of jelly, instead of the firmness and smoothness it should have had. It was obvious to me that electromagnetic energies would not flow smoothly through this mess!

Fuzz on a Peach: Alzheimers

We worked with a 70-year-old female with memory issues due to Alzheimer’s disease. When I looked at her etheric head, I saw the left side was covered with what looked like the fuzz on a peach. It was a shocking sight. Today when I see that in a younger person, they validate that they are already experiencing symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s. We will reveal more about Alzheimer’s secret in a later chapter.

 Our etheric body needs to be protected from bumps and blows because an strong blow or fall can jolt the etheric body out of alignment with the physical body. It is supposed to stay aligned and interfaced with the physical vehicle but it can be pushed out of alignment.

We have taken care of several clients that had an overwhelming list of physical complaints, including dizziness. After trekking through an unusual numbers of traditional and not so traditional medical offices, they still had no diagnosis and felt no better. Their doctors agreed that “something” was the matter but were unable to find the root cause. Our diagnosis found that their etheric body was slightly out of phase with their physical body causing minute malfunctions of many parts of their physical body.

The cause of the improper interfacing and coordination with the physical can be due to a great shock, a fall down a stair, a car accident or a fall from a horse.

 Case History: Car accident

One client was never the same after a car accident. She had headaches, her back hurt, she never felt well, and her mind was foggy. Many of her body functions, menstruation, urination, and bowel movements were different after the accident. All of this was due to the obstructed flow of vital energy from the etheric to the physical body.

Case Study; Car accident pulls bodies out of alignment

In January of 2014 I was introduced to a person who worked in sales. On one of his road trips he was involved in a huge accident. He was hit from the back by a truck, his car swerved to the left and was hit by another car, which pushed his car to the right, and he was hit again by another car.

He did not have any broken bones or big visible injuries other than on his face, but unbeknownst to him, his energy bodies were pulled out of alignment by the blows.

I mentioned that I could see his mind was very weak, and that maybe he was feeling insecure and maybe even bumping into things more often than before the accident. He agreed. These are his works on the effects of the one Orchestrated Mindstring Therapy, which by the way including working through a lot of past life issues, in addition to aligning his bodies:

“I felt I was really living, I felt that part of me was missing, I was hesitant, depressed, scared, feelings that were not me. I was afraid of making decisions.

After the one session on the hammock with Frances, I now function in a more fluid way, I feel I live a more balanced life. My body is now very strong, before the therapy my body felt weak and I felt weak about life.

Everything changed I see life different and the mantras I use for any situation, even when I cannot sleep.”

Case History

Several years ago we took care of a young man whose social life, grades and personality had deteriorated. He was sleeping a lot and seemed to have lost interest in school and in his personal life. It was thought that he was depressed. In checking his bodies, we found a dent in his etheric head. He had been hit during a football game and his personality and grades had deteriorated since then.

 We healed the “dent” with energy work and within four weeks, the boy woke up, was happier, his grades improved and his social life took off. If the blow had happened earlier in his life, it would have affected what we call I.Q. Because he was a young man, what it presented as was a shift and change in personality and attitude, resulting in lower grades and poor performance.

 Anesthetics separate the etheric vehicle from the physical

The physical body is only a receiver of sensations. Anesthetics separate the etheric body from the physical, allowing surgery without pain to the patient. The etheric body is what feels pain. It then sends these sensations to the physical. We all know what happens when the anesthetics wears off.

We understand that at times and under certain circumstances, it is necessary and even appropriate that we disassociate from our bodies. There are times when we should not be in full contact with our emotions or astral body. When it is appropriate to integrate these feelings and that body, it should be done slowly.

Case History

We have a friend who was very old and tired and had surgery to remove a tumor. After surgery to remove a tumor, her etheric body spent a lot of time outside of her physical, longer than her doctor intended. It was obvious that she would not be able to move or walk around under those conditions, or until her etheric body realigned itself properly with the physical body. In fact, my old friend became increasingly lethargic and immobile and never walked again. All her physical body systems, bowel movements, urination, and movement of arms and legs lacked vitality after the surgery. Only one of the symptoms was positive. She did not have much sensation or the appropriate discomfort for her condition.

 Death can cause the physical body and the etheric body to separate

The etheric body can separate while a person is dying. In some cultures bodies are cremated to ensure that this body is absolutely “dead” so no one can make use of it.

The etheric body is called the wraith when it separates from the physical body. The wraith looks just like a ghost with a soft body, like Casper the Friendly Ghost. It can be seen floating close to the body of people in comas, and near drowning victims. It is often seen close to children with cerebral palsy, as you will read about when you reach the chapter on Sweet Pea, a child with cerebral palsy whose etheric body is a huge issue.

Excessive electromagnetic radiation can harm your etheric body

Electromagnetic radiation can also be harmful to our etheric body. Working too many hours near with electronics, being in an area energized by Wi-Fi, plus hours on the cell phone can harm it by changing the consistency of the webbing from firm and smooth to frayed.

Years ago we found that people that work in the communications field, such as radio and television are often victims of electromagnetic pollution, which causes a disability called electro hypersensitity today. This pollution causes their etheric body to change texture, the “wiring” deteriorating and causing a type of static. Today we have learned to ask if the individual can feel those short circuits in their head, and they often acknowledge they do. These individuals are truly “frazzled” in their personality and also exhausted beyond what is normal. If you feel those two symptoms today, you too may be a victim of electromagnetic pollution from your cell phone and/or cell phone towers, routers etc.

Please read our book Your Matrix Your Electric Body to learn how to map out the radiating electronics in your environment so that you can be spared from “electrofog” due to the burning up of the mindstrings from the excess of the fire element

Children today are developing their etheric bodies in environments that are damaging to that development. In the near future we will no longer be able to say of someone, “he/she has the constitution of a Russian peasant”, because the so called Russian peasant had that constitution and body health due to being in contact with nature and with no electromagnetic conveniences such as electricity and wireless devices.

Past life physical body traumas with a high volume of emotional or spiritual trauma will damage the etheric body.

Past life traumas can affect it sufficiently for it to continue into this lifetime.

 Case History

We took care of a young man with a benign tumor in his head. The doctors were puzzled at its location. Our diagnosis revealed that the root cause of the tumor was a past life where he had been hit in that same spot with an ax. The emotional component of that trauma was so high it damaged the etheric webbing and consequently he was reborn with a weakness in the webbing at that spot that allowed the growth of a tumor in this lifetime.

Damaged etheric can affect language ability

A lot of work needs to be done to establish more “science” on the etheric body. We were overwhelmed when we realized that every inch of the etheric body is important, and in ways we would never have imagined. An example is the influence this body has on our ability to learn a second language.

Years ago we sat across from a friend at dinner and he asked why he could not learn French. It is not unusual for people to ask us to find the root cause of an issue they have. He had taken many courses and had even moved to France for a summer. Nothing worked, as it appeared he did not have an “ability” to learn even the rudiments of a second language. Prompted by his question, I looked across the table and saw the left eye of his matrix. One of the lines that went straight across his eye had a break in it. That was the answer: the part of the etheric webbing that determines language abilities was broken.

If the line was broken, then truly it was an impossible mission to learn a second language.


This same part of the etheric web has to do with the accent that a person has when they learn a second language. We find this exact same piece of the web is not broken but is wavy, instead of smooth and straight when a person learns a second language but can never lose the accent.etheric_head3

Currently we are working with a couple who were very blocked in their quest to learn English. We mapped their etheric head and sure enough, behind both of their left eyes were defects in the webbing. She had a lot of X’s, as if someone had literally X ’d out her ability to learn a language. He had very damaged strings and a literal hole behind the eye. The photos below reveal what we saw in her prior to the Orchestrated Mindstring Therapy session.

We did the Orchestrated Mindstring Therapy, which we call Om Therapy working with both clients at the same time, which was not ideal.

We feel we “finished” repairing the strings in her as you can see from her “post” photo. The red that you are seeing is the rage she still holds that congests that part of her eye and etheric body. That rage was the result of several past lives in which the people were unfair and punished her for being psychic! Note: The eyes are part of the chakra called Third Eye and one of its characteristics is psychic ability.

This is her observation the day after the session:

This is magical! Truly Frances, today I woke up super sick, fever, sore throat, like a cold. But I had to continue my normal day in spite of being sick and a co worker talked to me in English and I understood every word she said and I was able to respond, with my limitations, but I understood everything!”

 Detoxing from the emotional releases

Several people who have undergone the Orchestrated Mindstring Therapy do have several days in which they are detoxifying and feel vulnerable from the emotions and thoughts that they released. Perhaps part of the protocol needs to include what the person needs to do to get past this stage of the healing in a shorter space of time and with the tools necessary.

 These are her observations a week later:

“ The truth is that I understand much more in English, more than 90% of what is said to me, whereas before I understood maybe 50% of what someone said. I also feel a lot less fear or shame when I need to speak…it is a total difference!”

We did not complete the repair in that one session for the husband, as you can see from his “post” photo, the strings are still not straight. But he did feel more at ease in English the next day and even commented that he “thought” in English all day long. A week later he insisted he needed another session, which we agreed with.

This particular client was not relaxed during the session, even though he had worked with us before. We felt he did not benefit from the therapy as he could have if he had simply let go of his fears and control issues. You will read more about the Om Therapy in its own chapter, but it is such a significant example of string problems that we felt we needed to share it here in this chapter.

Intention Mantra for learning a language

But if you have an issue leaning a new language or you have a strong accent you cannot get rid of, this is the Intention mantra for language difficulties:


Please God help us with our intention to heal

the vasanas to learning a language.

Phantom Limb Syndrome

In this lifetime, a physical trauma with a high emotional reaction can and rupture the etheric body. We have all heard about the phantom limb syndrome. We can have our arm amputated, and still have pain in that arm! Modern medicine has not understood how to address these phenomena and have simply labeled it a syndrome. The truth is that a person who is missing a limb still has the etheric counterpart. That etheric limb is still very much alive and can still feel pain and discomfort. Even though your physical arm is gone, your etheric arm remains and “remembers” events and traumas and hurts!


Case Study:

I took care of a female who complained of pain in her right kidney. We looked at the original injury, which were childhood issues of fear. She had a medical checkup to see the condition of her physical body. None of us expected the medical results, which revealed she had no right kidney! She was missing that organ since birth! And yet, her complaint was pain in the right kidney. It was the etheric counterpart of her physical right kidney that caused the pain. Remember, it is our energy bodies that feel and get “sick” first. Our physical body is but recipient of sensations and problems.

Etheric body webbing protects us from spirits

The etheric life web also protects us, its webbing acting as a fence to prevent trespassing. When it is broken, negative entities and spirits are able to enter and attach to our system. We can write volumes of books about the spirit world much of what would be about your spirit, which is your astral body. You too are a “spirit” when you disassociate from that energy body and when you astral travel at night.

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