Mantras, Mind Protect From Natural Catastrophes

Use your mind like a shaman

to protect yourself from disasters

The mind creates everything. It can create chaos and it can protect from chaos, depending on how you focus. It is your choice.
Watching endless images of natural catastrophes is a sure fire way of “attracting” a natural catastrophe in your life.  It is hard to peel your eyes away from the TV set as you await an approaching hurricane. Yet we must remember that the mind takes in images, our breath gives them life and often, we end up with the actuality of the image as part of our “real” life on the physical dimension.
It is said, “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. Our mind has a mind of its own and often wanders off in negative thoughts, compulsive thoughts. Mantras are a time-honored way to “entertain” your mind so that you can live a life of your choice, not a mind that has been influences and guided by TV or mass media.

Hurricane Season

It is hurricane season in South Florida and it feels like it is “natural catastrophe” season on the Planet.  Get into the habit of using mantras to distract your mind from the fear and obsession of the potential catastrophe. That same mantra will create the reality you energize with thought and breathe.
We suggest this mantra, repeated silently while directing your rhythmic breath into your heart:

Please God help us with our intention to be protected.

The spirits of your land can protect you

We also suggest you speak astrally to the spirits of your land, even if you live in an apartment. Ask them to help protect you and forewarn you of danger.
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