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Mantrista Glacier Technique

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This Mantrista technique is very effective in lowering the frustrations, hatreds, violence and bullying that are dominating human behavior today.  Frustrations and hatred indicate an excess of the fire element, If the fire was lowered the behavior improves and may even disappear. We recommend this Glacier Technique to help you maintain your personality and vibe pleasant and friendly, lowering the fire element. It can also be used to help another person who is dominated by an excess of fire such as people who are bullies or who are prone to violence. Suicide has also been related to an excess of the fire element in studies.



First determine, in your opinion, where the vibe of the person or you is, in what is frustrations or anger. From one to ten determine in your opinion how the vibe of the person / or you is. One is the worst, totally out of control in what is anger and frustration, 10 is the excellent, calm vibe.


After you decide, in your opinion, the level of frustration or anger visualize that the person / or you are under this waterfall of cold water. I wait several minutes and look again at the behavior or vibe of the person / or you. Decide what the vibe is in what the numbers are.


You will notice an improvement in the vibe of the person you mentally put under the waterfall too “cool down”, “cool off”.

Keep the person there long enough or you   can come back to the hours or the next day. You determine when the person / or you, needs to lower the fire element so that their vibe is not dominated by irritability, frustrations, anger, hatred, emotional lack of control or physical violence.


Shamanic Information

Fire is an element that is good in moderation, when balanced with the other elements. Today fire is dominating the other elements, particularly in 2024.

Fire gives vitality, but in excess, it ends up changing and dominating the personality of the human with these characteristics:

Irritability, frustrations, insomnia, anger, hatred, emotional violence and finally physical violence, suicide

This excess of fire is destroying society because it incites a level of emotional violence that does not work, destroys the fabric f social relationships.

 Water and earth put out the fire

Other recommendations to reduce frustrations, anger and violence:

  1. CBD oil is a feminine herb and lowers the heat
  2. Music Mantrista Agni has musical notes and images that lower the fire
  3. More contact with nature especially the land, mountains, trees. Also increase contact with the water element


For what and when is the Glacier Technique used?

People out of control, tantrums, yelling.

Children with tantrums, rages, changes in character

People on the street who look dangerous to you.


Feng Shui and the elements in 2024: 

Feng Shui analysis of 2024 reveals there is an issue with no water element or not enough of the water element. For your environment, your body, your projects or even the planet to be healthy there needs to be a balance of the elements. We are now aware 2024 will be very unbalanced, with a severe lack of the water element. This Mantrista Glacier Technique will help add the element of water easily to your environment and to persons you have in your life.


Frances Fox and the masters of Feng Shui recommend you add the water element in the art you hang on your walls. Frances Fox recommends you watch a lot of videos/documentaries with lots of water, such as this Whale, Trilling or Agni Fox Sensory or any other sensory therapy videos to help correct the severe imbalance of the elements in 2024 in your life and environment.



Obviously and ideally, you should ensure you have enough contact with the elements on the physical dimension by spending time outdoors, vacationing in natural settings and having an inviting area in your yard or porch so you can spend as much time as possible outdoors.



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