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Recommended for: diabetes, pancreatitis, depression, lack of joy, bitterness

What is purified with the Fox Whale Sensory Therapy Music?

 The themes that are released with this Whale Mantra Music are very much tied to the pancreas and happiness. If you have diabetes or pancreatitis or just a difficult life, this video can help you a lot. You can use this Fox Intention Mantra:


 Or this mantra:

Even though I hate and am depressed because I’m never going to be happy,

I love and accept myself.

 Frances recommends the Tiger’s Eye Talisman for the protection of your solar plexus.

Talismán de Ojo de Tigre

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 Effects of the Whale Fox Sensory Therapy Music Video

The elements in 2024:  

Feng Shui analysis of 2024 reveals there is an issue with no water element or not enough of the water element. For your environment, your body, your projects or even the planet to be healthy there needs to be a balance of the elements. We are now aware 2024 will be very unbalances, with a severe lack of the water element.

Frances Fox and the masters of Feng Shui recommend you add the water element in the art you hang on your walls. Frances Fox recommends you watch a lot of videos/documentaries with lots of water, such as this Whale Fox Sensory Therapy video to correct the severe imbalance of the elements in 2024 in your life and environment.

There is no limit to how many hours you can have this Fox Sensory Therapy Video on in your environment. But ensure you also get enough of the other elements such as the earth element as too much water can make you very emotional.


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Los temas que se revelan con este Mantra Música están muy atados al páncreas y la felicidad. Si tienes diabetes o pancreatitis o sencillamente una vida difícil, esta video te puede ayudar mucho.

Pueden usar este Fox Mantra de Intención mantra:



O este Fox Mantra de Aspiradora:

Aunque odio y estoy deprimida(o) porque nunca voy a ser feliz

me amo y me acepto.

Frances recomienda el Talismán de Ojo de Tigre para la protección de tu plexo solar.

Talismán de Ojo de Tigre

El chakra plexo solar canaliza tu poder personal.

Si tienes problemas de digestión, tienes problemas en el chakra plexo solar.


¡No eres poderoso si tienes problemas de digestión!

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