Astrology and Foods

Eat to support your astrological sign

When we are born we have a certain energy set in our minds that is orchestrated by the vibrations from the planets. These vibrations, in their totality help us achieve our intentions in this incarnation. But there are times in our lives that we need help in particular situations and at that a time, we need to look to other influences to stack the deck in our favor. We are entering the age of transformation when we can achieve our highest intentions very quickly, if we are truly aligned with them. But many of us are simply too tired or overwhelmed to even remember what we really want.



Please stay away from spicy foods as at this time you need to harmonize your energies, not dissipate them. Spicy foods will over stimulate you and even cause you to look like you have ADD!


Eat light salads and lots of fruit juices to lighten up your energies as you are feeling too darn down! Pineapple would be great, together with anything citric to achieve a feeling of “up”.


You are all over the place and your thoughts often don’t make sense. Foods that can help you are basic and grounding such as anything that comes from under the ground: potatoes, carrots, onions and beets. All these foods will help “ground” your thoughts and make you appear even more intelligent!


You are a nervous person by nature so foods that are calming are perfect for you. Drinking soup made from boiled onions will calm your emotions, as will any of the calming teas made from herbs in India such as Vata tea. Basil is a natural relaxer and can be used as a spice or as a tea. And seaweed will calm you at the same time it nourishes you.


You are running scared at this time prior to your transformation. You need foods that reduce fear. The kidneys are the organ that processes excess fear so any foods that nurture the kidneys such as beans would be beneficial. And you have wide choices as to herbal teas that will help reduce anxiety such as chamomile and valerian root.


You need to relax! Anything associated with water such as fish or tall drinks of lemonade will help you to stop being so uptight and start to flow with whatever is stuck in your life. Watermelon will also help, as it is a fun food, a natural diuretic and will help the liquids to flow in your body.


You are so insecure about your life; you do not even know what you want to eat! Eat foods that are “determining” in nature, such as meats. Meats will give you the strength to believe in yourself at this time of huge changes and insecurity.


Can’t make up your mind as to who you want to bother next? You really should be focusing on yourself and your path in life, not on others. So meals that leave you feeling full will help to keep your mind from wandering. This is not a time for you to diet and eat light salads, as that energy of “lightness” is the opposite of what will wake you up to your reality and the need to make wise choices.


Don’t go to bed hungry or with a stomach that is too full from a rich dinner. Your sleep is not good at this time and what you eat in the evenings is a very important influence on the quality of your sleep. A huge part of your issues today is exhaustion so getting good nights sleep is critical. A light dinner several hours prior to bedtime would help your spiritual transformation.


You can’t stop thinking, thinking, thinking. All those decisions you must make are keeping you awake at night and ruining your ability to relax. The foods you eat can make a difference in the quality of your thought process. Light salads will not give you the energy of nurturing and solidness you need now. Eat light in oils but heavy in vegetables such as potatoes, leeks, and carrots. Keep away from stimulants as your brain is over stimulated and needs a break. So no coffee please!


You need a break from all those responsibilities. Heavy meals, too much meat, too many starches will make you feel weighed down and you have enough of that with all the troubled people around you. Nice salads, crisp vegetables, and fish will help you to keep your head above water in these emotionally charged times.

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