Mental Yoga: Fox Mindstretch

Stretching the mindstrings to release and relax stress and issues


The Fox Mind Stretch helps you increase your creativity and reduce stress by adjusting your mindstrings. This exercise can dramatically reduce stress and augment mental clarity.

The keys to self-adjusting your mind is intention, breath and creative visualization.

Sit or stand with your feet apart, your hands loose, fingers relaxed, Be in a comfortable position, just don’t cross your arms or legs.

The graphic below of your energy bodies and the 72,000 mindstrings will help you to visualize more easily.


Breath rhythmically several times until your shoulders rleax and drop. Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Imagine your 72,000 mindstrings with the 5 fingers at the end extending 18 inches from the center of your body. Remember, they are like the bristles on a round hair brush, with the funnel being your causal energy body and the outstretching channels being the mindstrings. Together they are the two levels of the structure that channels your mind.
  2. Use your imagination to direct your awareness to the mindstrings.mindstrings and causal body
  3. Draw in your breath and take your awareness to the center of your body which is where your causal energy body is, like the trunk of a tree that overlays your spine.
  4. Breathe rhythmically into the mindstrings, taking your breath first into your causal body trunk and from then with your imagination and intention, and from there breath out into the mindstrings. Mentally feel them or see them stretching as they fill and extend with your breath. Pay attention to areas of stress in your physical body, directly more of your attention and breath there.
  5. Use creative visualization and breath to imagine you are stretching       your mindstrings outwards, i360 degrees in all directions, like a round hair brush. The mindstrings should feel fluid, as if floating in water.

Do not overdo the exercise initially. Build up slowly to 3 minutes twice a day and then for longer when you get used to the changes the Mindstretch initiates.

As you are breathing and extending your mindstrings you will be releasing trapped emotions, traumas and thoughts from your mindstrings. You might feel a slight buzzing, pressure and then immediate release of tension. If you release a repressed/trapped memory you may “remember” that traumatic event and your emotional reaction. Continue breathing so as to release the trauma and the memory.

You should do this exercise several times after you have experienced a trauma, a shock, have an accident as the Fox Mindstretch can diminish its aftereffects on your mind.

The Mindstretch is an integral part of your Mental Yoga toolbox as it addressed the two major influences in your life: emotions and thoughts. Systematic use the the Fox Mindstretch can resolve a lot of attention, issues including ADD/ADHD. The results of the self adjustment to your mind/mindstrings are immediate. Regular use of this exercise will help maintain and increase relaxation and clarity and reduce confusion.

Your physical health is also influenced by your mindstrings. Anywhere you feel pain, have a defect or a disease, you have thousands of mindstrings clutching that area. You can use the Fox Mindstretch to “breath out” the vasana or knot in your mind which is always the basis for disease and discomfort.

The Fox Mindstretch is good for:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Physical Pain-breath deeply into the area as you stretch your mindstrings
  • Disease–breath deeply into the area as you stretch your mindstrings
  • Confusion- breath deeply into your forehead/third eye chakra as you stretch your mindstrings

People who are naturally psychic, children and people who meditate a lot or do Reiki may actually “see” their mindstrings which are in other dimensions. Initially they may see them as red in color and later a nile green, which is the color they should be when they are relaxed.

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