Bothered by sprits? Spiritually Sophisticated Solutions

Important note on  the new psychic attacks by  very aggressive spirits

New throat chakra issues due to deteriorating of the protection of the throat chakra due to radiating cell phones

Please read the above line twice so you “get it”.

1.Broken Throat Chakra

Spirits are now able to whisper in your ear and you  hear them! And they can also speak out loud in your voice so that others hear you say what “they” want you to say.

Spirits are telling children and adults that they will kill them, or kill their parents, or they tell them to kill themselves or to kill others.  This rarely  happened before, other than with murders who did say ”  the devil told me to do it“, or “I did not do it“. That was  a common response from someone who has committed an awful act. Now it is commonplace for, especially the children and teenagers, to be subjected to these same other dimensional influences  which is  driving many of them  to suicide or suicidal thoughts.


2. Electro haunting

You need to get away from all of this things on the list below to prevent electro haunting, which is spirits haunting you due to the burning off of the protection of your aura due to too much radiation due to electro addiction:

Cell phones, laptops, electronic games, sleeping on a wall near the new digital meters, sleeping with cell phone, sleeping near routers, sleeping in building with cell phone towers on top or near buildings with cell phones on top, sleeping on a property with a transformer, etc.

 3. Protection from the new Galactic Spirits

The Fox Talisman Collection for $139 made of Labradorite which has lithium, which the Galactic Spirits cannot tolerate, helps to protect, especially the neck which is the most common entry point. Call 1-800-651-6804 to order.

4. Grounding/Earthing

Spend many hours a day in nature, without cell phone or laptop etc. Spirits cannot tolerate the earth element and the elements have a potential to heal the open portals.

 5. Resolve Black Magic issues

Have an expert in unseen factors diagnose if you have a curse and remove your curse if you have one. It will make a huge difference and will close up portals that allow many other spirits to enter. Call the office for more information on our services in diagnosing curses, hechizos, black magic or mal de ojo/evil eye.

6. Purification Collection

Purify where you sleep to ensure you are not recycling negative emotions and thoughts, which create a portal that allows spirits to enter. Our Purification Collection is $139 and help with sleep issues especially if you do the suggested mantras. Call 1-800-651-6804 to order.

7. Galactic Mantras

We suggest you do this mantra at least 25 times a day:

Please God help me with my intention to understand what I am doing that is exposing me to these attacks.

After one week of this mantra, change the words to:

Please God help me with my intention to exercise my free will.

DO THE MANTRAS, THEY REALLY WORK! The products work or we would not be recommending them.

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