Dolphins Talk About Spirits Invading the Weather?

Dolphins About the Weather

October 25, 2015

Listen dolphins, I am not happy the message from Hurricane Joaquin was so off and now the super hurricane Patricia fizzled out unnaturally and the solar flares that were supposed to come on a particular day, came one day early???? What is going on?
We had warned you several months ago that the invasions from off planet were massive and were even entering the animals. Link:
Now we tell you that just like big governments manipulate the weather, so do the off planet spirits.
What does that mean for us?
It means that the weather men will increasingly give wrong predictions, so much so there will be a summit about the unpredictability of the weather and particularly, the storms.
When the biggest hurricane in history happens late November or early December, there will be awareness that something huge is happening and it is not just global warming.
How can off planet spirits invade the weather?
Did you know hurricanes have an eye?
So what is so hard to accept that that eye has a consciousness and can change its mind? If it has consciousness that acts via the elements we call weather, then why can’t another eye of consciousness take over the weather?
I guess they can…
Scary? And rightfully so because those natural disasters are going to be due to spirits taking over the “weather”.

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