Group Soul, Not fully incarnated, Astral Bodies and more

Sweet Pea

Cerebral Palsy


Not fully incarnated!

We don’t need to watch soap operas anymore, we just need to look at the past lives, astral body and in between history of a soul to entertain ourselves. And in the process we discover a lot more interesting  ways to heal what are considered not resolvable medical issues!

Boring note unless you are a therapist

In this case study we cover the issues of the energy bodies and the environment of the child. These are the energy bodies:

  • the etheric body which is blue
  • the astral/emotional body which is gold
  • the mental body which are the 72,000 mindstrings extending out like the branches of a tree
  • the causal/intentional body which is the gold funnel that overlays the spine
  • the physical body which most of you believe is the only body you have


RUSSIAN DOLLS OPEN iStock_000019139698Small

These very real energy body, together with your physical body is what the Russian Dolls symbolize.

First session march 30, 2014

Labor and delivery of Sweet Pea-traumatic perhaps because she was missing her twin who had died earlier in the pregnancy

Sweet Pea was born at 24 weeks, a C-section with lots of emotional trauma, diagnosed as cerebral palsy  2 years of age. Sweet Pea was supposed to be a twin, the other child was lost weeks earlier. This was and still is traumatic for her, and we recommended a flower essence to help heal the loss and anxiety Sweet Peas feels.

Disassociation Level- Extreme-NOT FULLY INCARNATED

Sweet Pea has not fully inhabited her body: she is with her group soul. Her bodies are either not aligned, partially aligned or are missing. These issues must be resolved for Sweet Pea to have movement and a somewhat normal life.

Physical Body

No info

Etheric energy body(also called the electromagnetic body)-alignment and quality

The etheric body. All the cerebral palsy children I have taken care of are missing i/4 or 1/2 of their etheric head on the left side.

This is the human etheric energy body. In cerebral palsy the individual is missing one quarter or two quarters of the head.

Excessive radiation/6 months in hospital

Unfortunately Sweet Pea spent the first 6 months of her life in a hospital, which means she was radiated excessively for the first 6 months. This damages the etheric energy body, which is the energy body that gives strength to the physical body. If it is extremely damaged or disassociated from the physical body, then the person is hypotonic. She is without muscle tone or movement much like the near drowning kids I saw whose etheric body never came back into alignment with the physical once they were revived from the drowning incident.

Intention to protect her etheric body

At the level of the causal energy body, Sweet Pea knew the radiation would weaken her etheric body so she chose not to bring it into her energy bodies’ assemblage.

The graphic below makes it easier to understand the amount of radiation a newborn or person in intensive care is bombarded with. And if the child or person continues to require a lot of medical attention this level of radiation continues, making it almost impossible for the etheric energy body to be healthy and provide one of its main attributes: physical and muscular strength

Everything wireless is powered and radiated microwave which is known to damage health. It also augments the fire element.


Etheric body issues with Sweet Pea

 1 Etheric quadrant missing from head

 Cerebral palsy, missing one  quadrant from left side of head. It is usual for cerebral palsy children to be missing one or two quarters of their etheric head. Interesting that it is on the left side, which open to off planet energies therefore they can be easily invaded.

swwet pea april 2014_Page_3
Sweet Pea is missing only one quadrant of her etheric head. She has some type of invasion on that same side at the level of the neck.



Etheric not aligned with physical


Her shoulders are very weak, weaker than the rest of the body- mother says she has chicken wings; we see it as her etheric body hips are stuck at her physical body shoulders as if she was trying to drop in her assemblage but got stuck at the shoulder level


Astral Body


Sweet Pea’s astral body is in her home but not attached to her physical body. Her astral body tries to help her mother to cope with the stress of Sweet Pea’s handicaps

The red body is the astral body. It is supposed to be gold. In this case the child has an excess of the fire element, which makes her rigid and frustrated.

The graphic shows the physical body, etheric energy body and the astral body out of alignment.

Physical environment

Huge black miasm over her bed, but higher up, and the almost the width of the room. We recommended they use the Purification Collection to purify the room.



Mindstrings in child very short, truncated

 Instead of looking like this:

A normal person has 72,000 of these strings called mindstrings flowing from the double terminated center axis which is called the causal energy body. It is where intentions are held.


 Sweet Peas mindmap shows her mindstrings looking like the map below:

 Below is a mind map of Sweet Pea in February 2014, prior to initiating the purification process. The map shows the very short mindstrings on the lower right quadrant, the water quadrant as we expect to see in a child with cerebral palsy. But the mindstrings are very  long but not in a normal configuration on the left side (her left) , the fire quadrant.
Below is my assessment as shared with the mother.

swwet pea april 2014_Page_2
See how short the mindsstrings are? They cannot sustain the arms and legs of the child. The causal body is not smooth either. And the mindstrings coming from the left are swinging back over the center axis (causal body) due to something it is trying to get away from.

This is the letter I emailed Sweet Peas mother after sketching the above

 I am sketching Sweet Peas energy field and it has some issues in the quadrant that corresponds to the fire element. Those are the mindstrings I told you were curving back and crossing the center axis of her energy bodies.

I know you are a fire sign. The element of fire gives two main energies:

 1. activity

2. frustration


 In your case, your fire was truncated in terms of activity due to the issues of Sweet Pea. So all that fire of a fire sign goes into frustration, which you repress. It is wonderful you have recognized the value of the mantras as they are an efficient way to process that extra fire that you cannot use up in activity (you are tied down my obligations to help your child).

But all those years when you did not do mantras? All that fire element went into Sweet Pea as so often happens in a mother child relationship especially in your case because of the closeness.

 So that extra fire went in the fire quadrant of Sweet Peas energy bodies and she  did not know what to do with the energy and did not have a supportive body to where she could run around, so she tried to “get away” from the fire by swinging the mindstrings back over her center axis. that part of her is in a rage over her lack of movement which would give her relief from the fire..

 I would suspect that side of her body, the right hip, should have its own special issues due to this extreme configuration.( cranial sacral therapist verified this)

My recommendation is that you do the frustration mantra morning noon and night, when you are not doing another more important for the moment, mantra:

 Even though I am frustrated

 I love and accept myself 


 I will be watching this part of her body and let you know the progress.


Note: Sweet Peas mother had thyroid issues several years ago. This could have been the organ where the excess fire was repressed, that later turned into a disease.


 The telomeres in the child are curvy which makes them shorter than normal. Some are actually tied in knots!


It is possible Sweet Pea may fully incarnate within several months, when her physical body is more able to support her full consciousnes



 Electro hypersensitivity Recommendations

 Requested Mother educate herself as to the effects of radiation and the map the radiating devices in the home so as to position her body far away from radiating devices.

 Flower Essences Recommendations  We recommended the flower essence sweet pea. We decided to use this name for the child in order to protect her identify.

 Below are what sweet pea addresses/corrects:

 Sweet Pea: Positive qualities: Commitment to community, a sense of one’s place on Earth, ability to form social roots.

 Patterns of imbalance: Inability to form bonds with social community or to find one’s place on Earth; homelessness, dislocation or frequent travel and moving.

 The mother is extremely cooperative and intelligent. She is also up to date on alternative modalities which makes it a pleasure to work with her.


April 4, 2014 email from the Sweet Pea’s mother  (her info in blue) with my responses  in black:

 Sweet pea is doing well.  I put the stones on the bed, massage her everyday with coconut oil mostly on feet and hands and I am spraying with orange essential oil.  Since then she has rested better.!!!  

 Extremely important to purify and protect her environment!!!!!!!!!!

   I continue with all mantras and rosary at night. Mother uses a rosary/Buddhist mala to do the mantras.

 Sweet pea is eating better and coughing with reminders to clear her throat.  She still needs to eat more to maintain and gain weight before going again to the gastroenterologist at the end of the month .

 This is the reason she needs the labradorite  talisman close to her neck. Also you need to finish with the thyroid congestions so it does not transfer to her. Remember her throat improved when you did the mantra?

 She is more relaxed than last week and smiling and laughing more. More protected with the coconut, orange, stones

Great news! The new mind map on April 10, 2014 is revealing of tremendous progress for Sweet Pea, which matches the mother’s observations.

 Notice how she has developed mindstrings on the upper part of the mind map which she did not have before! There is a huge improvement on the  mindstrings on the left side of her body but she continues to double back as indicated by the mindstrings. We need to find what is going is causing her to curl in like that.

 Wonderful news also in her etheric body head and it is starting to fill in nicely which will give her more protections and perhaps also allow her to more fully incarnate!


swwet pea april 2014_Page_1
Lower left you can see Sweet Peas head is filling in which will make a huge difference in her abilities! And her mindstrings are correcting and there are more! The mother confirms she is more present, more awake, much more alert.


Aoril 26, 2014 We have recommended that Sweet Pea be given a spiritual healing at least once a week from a specialist we work with, a type of shaman, Years ago when I worked full time with children with these types of issues all of them that had what were considered “miraculous” changes went for spirit release therapy and to a Buddhist monk. There are forces in the other dimensions that can overwhelm the child and block  progress. These need to be dealt with via changing the vibration of the living environment which is helped by using the purification products, but that is not enough. A specialist is needed to  work at those levels to ensure the child is not being held back by invisible factors  other than what i can attend to.

April 15, 2014 We recommended Sweet Pea be given the Ayurvedic herbal formula Mind Forte to strenthen and elongate her mindstrings. They work in a natural way on the mind/mindstrings so we are insisting she seriously consider having Sweet Pea have the benefit of an herbal formula from an ayurvedic physician who practices in the tradition of the oldest and most sacred medicine on the planet.

April 29, 2014

Sweet Pea is vocalizing mucho mas !!!

May 11, 2014

I am back home and back to the stress and frustration, mostly dealing with the school, the agencies that provide us with babysitting through medicaid, etc.  the school wants me to go and show them how I feed Sweet Pea tomorrow, because they are still afraid of her chocking !!!   The meeting on wednesday was mostly  talking about aspiration, etc, and the school doctor was there.  I have no patience with ignorance ……… We are considering bringing an advocate to the school meeting, we are very tired of fighting with the school system and getting not too much for sweetpea……… They do not know how to handle her, I believe she is teaching them to open up !

Sweet Pea had a great time in my absence, of course,  some nights were not good, and a couple of tight days at school.  I found her bigger, bright, and with great improvements on her  tone, posture, eating , coughing and drinking skills also.

She is changing on a daily basis, her way of looking at her surroundings is more intense and integrated, makes more sounds and sits comfortable on her chair in perfect midline.

The nights continue to be choppy, we have some help during some nights during the week, but on the weekends we are on our own and do not rest well.

I continue doing the bells, orange and coconut massages, they did not do it in my absence as well as the herbs, I resumed them yesterday.  I also move the monks around the house.

May, 2014 The mother has agreed to give Sweet Pea the Mind Forte and her moods are improving! The child’s moods, not the mothers…LOL

May 15, 2014.…… We continue to see progress on her tone, posture, midline orientation, endurance, coughing, swallowing.  She is trying successfully to reach to objects, but it is still a little bit of a struggle, but she is willingly doing it.  This time of the year is  very challenging because of the allergy season.  She has congestion mostly on the sinuses, so that makes her swallowing more challenging, but despite of that she is crossing this bridge in incredibly better conditions than in the past.

We are understanding her needs much better, and she communicates with her body language more effectively.  We feel proud of her and she is proud of herself.  On monday I had to go to the school and show all therapists and teachers and the principal how I feed Sweet Pea.  They were mesmerized !  Their jaws dropped !  They couldn,t believe it.  Still the school is working with her from a place of fear, so they do not get the results I can achieve.  For instance today they called us saying that she is very congested, and that she did not eat for them , etc……. Is there anything we can do to change that fear environment other than taking her out of school?  She loves to go to school, but many times I rather keep her home so I do not have to get those scary phone calls from the principal !

May 17, 2014 We recommended that Sweet Pea be given a healing by a phenomenal healer called Calixto el Desatanudos. He does what the Virgin Untier of Knots does, he unties the knots in the mind. He does no share  much of what he does but he was asked to do a healing having to do wtih Sweet Pea being happier and it appear to have worked. See what the mother has to say on May 15, 2014:

Sweet Pea was having a tough day yesterday, very tight, uncooperative, crying but laughing at the same time, …….. We went to IMT and I asked about that.  They say she is breaking old spastic patterns, they found her bigger, longer .  They worked on the back of her right lung, clearing up old aspirations, and they also worked on opening up her throat.

After a while they could see her throat opening up, and I could notice it seeing the way she was clearing her throat.

She was happier when she got home, and we noticed that she is  more and more trying to have herself and her opinions be heard.  I try to be very careful of asking her all the time if she wants this or that, etc to help her feel respected and honored.

May 27, 2014

Sweet Pea has been through puriricatin processes with two healers:

  • Calixto el Desatanudos, an Aruhaca from the mountains of Santa Marta in Colombia. We will have a description of his work in 2 weeks.
  • Ariel Rodriguez: a healer from the mountains of Puerto Rico. We are seeking the mothers permission to post his fascinating finding

This is the latest mindmap:

Some of her mindstrings are longer and she no longer has mindstrings that cross over, demonstrating she no longer feels the need to protect herself from spirits and other energies in the other dimensions. So her mothers commetns that she engages more and pays more attention will be one of the many consequences of her mothers choice to purify not just Sweet Peas body but also her spiritual environment.

There are now new “issues”. The big ball on the lower right of the mindmap is emotional congestion of fire which is frustration! We found this happened with a lot of the kids who mentally improved faster than their bodies, so they were  more frustrated with their lack of control of their bodies and their lack of movement.

sweet pea may 2014
Below is  the mindmap from march 30, 2014. Notice how much longer the mindstrings are  in the map above.

swwet pea april 2014_Page_2
See how short the mindsstrings are? They cannot sustain the arms and legs of the child. The causal body is not smooth either. And the mindstrings coming from the left are swinging back over the center axis (causal body) due to something it is trying to get away from.

Unfortunately Sweet Peas etheric/electromagnetic body is still stuck at the shoulders. We will be working with her on this  lack of alignment of the bodies  now in June when she visits us in Miami to do the Orchestrated Mindstring Therapy (Om Therapy for short).

The body you see on the right of the graphic is her astral body, not even remotely aligned with all the other bodies. The astral body is the emotional body and it is separate in many children with this level of disabilities.
The physical body and the astral energy body, the etheric energy body and the mindstrings are supposed to be like the set of Russian dolls, one inside of the other, each a dimension deeper.

sweet pea 5-23-2014 #2RUSSIAN DOLLS OPEN iStock_000019139698SmallAugust 2014

Great news! We integrated Sweet Peas etheric body into the physical in an Orchewstrated Mindstring Therapy session. It is no longer stuck in her left shoulder….AND SHE CAN TURN OVER BY HERSELF!!!!

For the first time in her life she can turn over by herself, proof that her etheric body which is what gives the physical body strength and movement, is now working together with her other bodies. Just to remind you, the graphic below is the etheric energy body, your electromagnetic body which everyone has. It separates when the individual is under anesthetics…and while in coma…etheric body-rough

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