Is it your personality or a spirit attachment?

Magnetic Resonance has a lot to do with what type of fragments or spirits you have to deal with. I worked with a client who had an awful history of abuse. She had more attachments than you could shake a stick at. Because of her personal history, she had a lot of depression. Most people in my field know that chances are, she had an attachment of a spirit that was very depressed. She did…
She one of her sessions she me she had been shaking in the middle of the night, as if something big was moving inside her body. She was rolling around her bed yet she knew it was not convulsions…she was savvy enough to know it was probably a spirit trying to take over her body. She fell asleep after a while and did not think about it when she woke the next morning. She is also psychic, as are many people who suffer through abuse. Becoming psychic appears to be a natural consequence of having to deal with entirely “too much” on the physical dimension. Becoming psychic appears to a form of “escapism”. 
The point is, she is very psychic and can see more than most people. That morning when she glanced at her bed, she saw a very large, black spirit sitting on the edge of her bed. His head was hanging down, as if he was exhausted. She was frightened as she was still afraid of the spirit world. What happened next frightened her even more. The spirit tried to stand up and she thought he was going to come after her! He did not. He fell on the floor and did not move. 
When she gathered her wits about and realized the spirit was not going to attack her, she realized that the body movement the previous night was not a spirit attack but spirit release. This spirit had inhabited her body and was released the previous night.
Purifying your spaces from a spirit
She sprayed Frances Fox’s Aura Purification Formula, to help release the spirit from her space. She repeated the spraying and played the Tibetan Sacred Temple Music throughout the day. That CD includes rituals of sounds to help spirits move into the light.
By the time she came to her appointment, the spirit was purified and on its way. 

She wanted to know about him. Most spirits come from someplace, they were someone with a physical body once, or they were part of the astral body of someone if they are not a complete spirit. The client was savvy enough to know it might shed some light on her life. Why? Because when that spirit attached, it brought to her its memories, its emotions and its thoughts changing her personality. She wanted to know what of “her” really belonged in large part to the spirit.

Aura Purification Kit
It is a powerful tool to help purify curses, black magic and haunting spirits. The flowers in this formula help spirits evolve and move into the light. . This formula heals residual anger or depression the spirit may still carry from a life trauma or its death process.

Kit Aura Purification
Includes: Aura Purification Spray, Coconut Spray ,  CD Tibetan Music

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