Video: Is your food cursed?

Makes you think twice about eating at a fast food restaurant!

Shamans know that the quickest way to destroy your enemy is to put “bad energy” in their food. Unfortunately we don’t need an enemy to eat cursed foods because the energy around our food does transfer to it, as the energy of food does transfer to our surroundings. Most Eastern spiritual traditions include displays of fruits and flowers so the environment is purified and influenced by the intention of those fruits and flowers.

But if you do not purify your home, your food can absorb the argument you had with your mate 2 weeks ago, the depression your mother has, the insecurity your children feel and even the frustrations of your visitors!

I did not expect to find bad energy in the candy left for guests on the counter of this home, and the owners did not intend that their guests ingest bad energy, but…the transference of energies often overwhelms and wins out over our true intentions.

Our Purification Collection can help to ensure your food is not contaminated with your negative energy or that of  anxious family members, tc.. It is $169 and can be ordered by caling 1-800-651-6804.


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