Heart Chakra- The Importance of Your Hands.


The Importance of Your Hands

The Cycle of Giving and Receiving

The hands are the beginning and the ending of manifestation. Working with your hands connects you at a deeper level to whatever you are striving to bring into fruition.
At this time in written human history, the striving to achieve results only with the “head”, through technology and the push of a button is a major reason for the lack of success of society.
In spite of all of its advances, society today is no closer to being happy and prosperous than previous cultures. Yes there are more amenities for the physical body but there is a corresponding addiction and need for additional work and mental time spent on achieving these amenities. That does not lie within the definition ion of prosperity.

The Definition of Prosperity
The definition of the energy of prosperity is to have that which you need to be happy. The definition of happy is to be complete.

The Left Hand
The left hand is the hand of God and sets up the giving and receiving cycle. It is the hand that needs to be caressed and it needs to caress. It brings to it what it needs to complete and begin the cycle of manifestation.

The Right Hand
The right hand is the hand of giving and it is secondary to completion of the energy of prosperity. Humans were set up to receive and in accepting that God wants to give all to them, their compassion opens their heart to give to others as their  God gave to them.

What happened?
Guilt Blocked Prosperity
The cycle was broken by guilt, the guilt we instill in children when we enforce the rules of “giving to others, give and you shall receive, giving is Godlike, giving is rewarded”….all of those are mistaken notions that have put giving and receiving into a type of bondage
 This  bondage  ties the hands into knots, and these  knots do not allow an open left hand for receiving unless the person has already given…The  cycle continues to where the giver does not ever  feel he has given enough….

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