Asteroids Invigorate Your Intentions

An asteroid with an estimated girth as large as a garbage truck soared within 7,500 miles of the Earth on Monday as it passed harmlessly over the Atlantic Ocean, REUTERS news agency said. (Article HERE).
When I saw the article, I asked myself what are the energetic consequences that would bring to us?
The near miss asteroid was a shakeup for the Planet. It pushed unseen energies into people intentions. So there is extra force behind your intentions for the next two weeks due to the force o the asteroid.
What do you intend? To get an agreement signed? To find a boyfriend? To get a better job? All these will have more energy. But if you wish your friend would leave you alone because she is a pain, that intention will also be filled.
If you wish you could spend more time in bed that intention would also have more energy and you might end up sick enough to have to be in bed.
See how important intentions are?

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