Are You a Dolphin Inside a Human Body?

dolphin, frances fox, seaquariumYour mind is a Series of Strings that Create Everything

Your Mind  is Made Up Of Strings That Vibrate.
The center axis of  your mind  is one fat string which aligns with the spinal cord and has been called throughout history:

The Causal Body

It is the Holy Grail we have also been search for, throughout history and it was inside of each of us, just in a different dimension. Knowledge of  the structure of the mind will make science  religious  and religion scientific. Isn’t it about time?

The causal body

The Causal Body is a string that is a double terminated funnel, and looks like a tree trunk. It is the spiritual reality that is called the Tree of Life throughout human history and  throughout It is often called Axis Mundi, the center of the world, and it is  just  that  for each individual.

The 72,000 Mindstrings

Extending  from the Causal Body are 72,000 strings that Frances Fox has termed Mindstrings. They are like the branches of the Tree of Life. They extend into and  interpenetrate many dimensions. The strings, both the causal trunk and the 72,000 mindstrings are channels that the individuals mind flows through.
The causal body and the mindstrings are the fundamental structure of the universe. They “channel” the human mind but they are not the human.
The Mindstrings Interpenetrate
several dimensions. In string theory they say there are at least 11 dimensions.
Human Energy Bodies
Frances Fox has identified the “vehicles” that the human mind “uses” to “function” on/in some of those dimensions. These vehicles are also called “bodies”.

Review of human energy anatomy: the bodies

Causal body anchors human consciousness on Planet Earth and then the mindstrings reach out into different dimensions we have on Planet Earth where we have a “life” on those dimensions via  the “bodies”:

  • Physical
  • Etheric
  • Astral

The Astral Vehicle/Body

Also called the emotional energy body, is what the human mind uses on the astral dimensions. It is shaped like the physical body but it moves around a lot and can duplicate itself. It can also fall out of alignment with the physical body if there are too many emotions. Psychoneuroimmunology has proven that emotions can be the basis for disease, making it important to understand and take care of this body.

The etheric vehicle/body

Is also shaped like the physical body and  is used by the human mind to operate on the etheric dimension. It is also called the electromagnetic body and also called our immune system. It is deteriorating  at this time inhuman history due to excess electromagnetic radiation.

 33% of Humans on Planet Earth have Dolphin consciousness flowing through their strings….

Some Dolphin consciousness entered the physical bodies of what we call Dolphins…but some entered the physical bodies we call “humans”

Are you a Dolphin, or its buddy, a Whale? And what does that mean for you? How can it help you to understand yourself and your choices in life?



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