Animal Spirits and their influence

Below is a document I wrote in 2005 because too many of us have spirit attachments from animals, especially people who are present when animals are killed. That would include people who work in the farms where poultry is killed, or cattle are killed People who work in butcher shops, the meat department, etc.  And it includes people who attend rituals where animals are killed. You get the picture…

Where did you think the spirit of that dead chicken went?

Yesterday I ordered a chicken pita sandwich for lunch. When I looked at it sitting in front of me at my desk, I had a thought:” I wonder what would happen if I spray it with the Aura Purification Spray ( now renamed Liberation Flower Essence Purification ) ?” The spray liberates negative astral particles of consciousness. I really did not know what was going to happen. I was just experimenting, something I do often, remembering my Buddhist friends who bless their food before eating it.

What happened next was literally sickening. I saw the spirit body of a dead chicken with no feathers, drifting up and out of my sandwich. It was so sad, I was horrified. I almost ate that! But wait, I always eat chicken, every darn day, as I refuse to eat meat.

“Where did I think the spirit of that dead chicken went?” I had no good answer. The answer was what I accuse everyone of, not thinking, not questioning. I was guilty of what I am so critical of, acting (eating) without thinking.

I do not think I will be eating chicken soon. I will be using the Liberation Flower Essence Purification Formula a lot, and I will be doing a lot of thinking about the food I ingest. I was not expecting what I witnessed, but perhaps that was a good thing…


Yes I know where the spirit of the chicken goes when you eat it. It goes into you. Unfortunately, it is known that the state of consciousness of  the animal at the moment of death is the state of consciousness of its spirit that you just ate…So you/we eat  spirits that are very frightened and die under very painful conditions.

How many of those really emotionally “messed up” spirits are in you/me? I don’t want to talk about this anymore. When I wrote this original article years ago, it was super upsetting, but I went back to eating some meat and lots of chicken.  I hope “revelations” is not going to allow me to fall asleep on this subject again. At least that is my intention.

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