What "Intention" is in Your Medicine?

A story about medicine

I have a friend who is an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Akilesh Sharma. I learned a lot about natural medicine from him but particularly from a story he told me. This is the gist of the story:

There was a guru who taught medicine. One day he told his students to go and find one plant that did not have medicinal qualities to it. The students went off and as the days passed, the students came back with a plant they thought did not have the ability and intention to heal something in a human being. The guru would then tell what that particular plant could heal in a person.

 After days there was still one student who had not returned. The guru asked about him and the students said he was hiding in his home, ashamed. The guru went to his home and the door was locked and the windows were shuttered, but the guru insisted on speaking to the student. When he asked what was wrong, the student said he was ashamed that he could not find one simple plant that was not a medicine.

You know the moral of the story: there is not a simple plant on the planet that does not have an intention to heal something. This story brings us back to the importance of intention in the medicines you take.

What is the intention?

What is the intention of the lab that makes your pills? What is the intention of the pharmacy that sells them to you? Knowing the intention of large corporations, I suspect that a lot of our medications are more aligned with the intention to make money and corner a market than to purify you of disease.

Years ago I shared office space with a doctor of osteopathy. He was excellent as he was a wonderful combination of the best that modern medicine has to office and the best of alternative medicine.

He would ask me to to diagnose not just patients who were “stuck” in their disease but also new vitamins and supplements. I would share with  him my remote viewing results  and he volunteered that I was very accurate. One day as I stood at my office door, he walked towards me with a bottle in his hand. Gold energy was dripping off of it and spilling onto the floor. I gasped and asked him what was in the bottle he was holding. He said it was a vitamin supplement for losing weight and wanted my opinion. I told him about the gold I saw and asked him to please order it for me.

I used the supplements for months with an astounding weight loss I had not experienced before. And then one day, I noticed it was no longer working. I was disappointed but did not mention it to the doctor. He asked me what was going on with the remedy and I volunteered it seemed to no longer be working. He said it was strange but that several patients had had the same experience, great weight loss and the all of a sudden, nothing. So he asked that I “read” what happened.

Intention, it was all about intention

The doctor who invented that formula really, really wanted his patients to have a product that helped them lose weight. His strong intention went into his product. It had ingredients that were no different than other weight loss products but full of his focused intention to lose weight. So what happened?

His success with that formula encouraged him to produce other products. Apparently he liked the money he was making from the volume sales. Unfortunately the impetus for the new products was money not the intention that the person loses weight. The product lost its “magic” because the attention and intention that went into the original product was withdrawn from it.

Since that time I advise my clients that they  buy health food products from stores and companies that actually believe in what they are producing and selling. That ensures that not only the intention of the company producing the product but also the store that sells the product goes into the item. You don’t pay extra but you get extra.

Energy medicine

We all remember how students symbolically give teachers an apple. Perhaps it is because apples carry the intention to “expand knowledge” which is what being a student is all about. So having an apple or simple placing an apple near you can help you to study. That turns the apple into a medicine that “affects well being”.

The oak tree has a special type of medicine that radiates from its intention to help humans who are “exhausted but struggle on”. The flower called impatiens has the intention to diminish anger in people, so it is excellent for people who are frustrated and angry. And knowing that cancer is a condition due to repressed anger, then simply looking at and breathing in the energy and intention of an impatiens would then classify as medicine.

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