Vampires: What are they?

Note: Information from the Dolphins

November 30, 2014
The zombie apocalypse is in reality a truce that was established eons ago with an end date, the end date was September 8, 2014. At that time the truce ended and there are no more rules in terms of what you call the battle between light and dark and what is more accurately termed the battle for control of Planet Earth.

What are vampires and did they ever really exist? Conversation between Frances and the Dolphins

 Why is sun bad for vampires?

The sun fills the etheric electromagnetic energy body with vitality. The vampire does not legitimately nor spiritually “own” the body he is using. It is not good for the vampire to allow the “vital” part of the human system to become “strong”. The vampire was able to take over when the physical body was weak. And it kept control when the energy bodies remained weak. The sun would not allow the vampire to keep control of the body that was never rightfully his.

 Why the blood sucking?

Human blood has a special quality to it. It not only is like a fingerprint in that it identifies the uniqueness of the person, but it also carries the qualities of the person. If you drink a persons’ blood, you can acquire their characteristics. That is something the indigenous have always known…

 In the case of the vampire, the vampire needed to keep ingesting human blood to stay strong and humanlike, because the vampire was not human. It needed human blood to keep the human characteristics.

 If the vampire was not human, then what was it?

A spirit that wanted to stay operational as a human on the physical dimension. It needed a physical body to do that. And it needed the “food” of the blood of living beings to stay strong and human like.

 At what point in human history did vampires really exist?

Further back than human memory…but the reality of a spirit taking over your physical body without your permission and using it to harm others, has never healed in the human psyche.

 That is a vague answer…further back than human memory….

You will not like the answer.

 I can take it…

Ok, during Atlantis, contrary to Lemuria (an earlier civilization), experiments were done that encouraged vampires….the Nazi’s also tried to get spirits to take over human bodies…do you want more?


No I don’t, thanks



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