Electro addiction

Your instincts are right

There is something “not right” about children and so much electronics and it is called


The graphic above is a sketch of a 13 year-old severely affected by electrosmog.

 I often sketch the energies of people I take care of, especially children. Lately I have been astounded at how many of them have a severe deterioration of their right hand matrix due to the amount of hours they hold a microwave driven cell phone and/or electronic game in that hand. The congestions and loss of protection I am now seeing is a preamble to the deformation of their physical hands, and I believe that we will soon see a severe deterioration in their bone structure by the time they are young adults.

The palms are an extension of the heart chakra, and the outside of the hands is an extension of the throat chakra. What affects the hands also affect the corresponding chakra. Perhaps that is why I am also seeing such a weakening of the throat chakra in young children.

A six-year-old with a damaged hand matrix had broken that hand twice. I was shocked, but not surprised. Another similar case involved a young lady who I could “see” had a black mass around her hand. I knew that when the matrix was so damaged, the hand’s natural protection would be lost making her more susceptible to injury. She confirmed to have hurt that hand in a car door.

Note: These congestions are typical of children who are allowed to use/hold cell phones and hand held games excessively. This type of congestion is also what a psychic sees in the toes of someone with a deformity of the bones called bunions. These children will need orthopedic services for their hands in the near future.

This excerpt is from the book Your Matrix Your Electric Body by Frances Fox available on Amazon.

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