Your Past Lives Are Important Now!


November 24- 30, 2014

Your past lives are held in the trunk of the Tree Of Life we all have inside of us, aligned with our spinal cord! You need to know more about your past lives now! Look at the importance of the past life of Calixto, the Arhuaco Who knows what will be revealed about you?

Science has been looking for the fundamental structure of the Universe and religion has been looking for the Holy Grail. They have both been found and are both the same thing, the Tree of Life with us, channeling our individual minds! To see the discoveries on Youtube:

If you want to know more about your child’s energy bodies, where their past lives are held, where they have ADD, where they can become bi polar, so you can take care of them, join us on December 9th, 2014 at the Universality of Miami lecture in Spanish  between 7-8 PM.  The fee is $20 and you must reserve at 800-651-6804.

Para Sus Hijos
Fox Mindstring Model

9 de diciembre, 2014 7:00 a 8:00 PM (las puertas se cierran a las 7)

Costo $20
6200 San Amaro Dr., Coral Gables, Florida

Esta charla es para personas espiritualmente sofisticados que saben que existen los espíritus, y que hay otras dimensiones que tienen influencia sobre nosotros.

Back to the horoscopes

Science is now becoming more religious and religion is becoming more scientific, finally!

This means that your physical life can now become more spiritual and your spiritual life can become more evident on the physical plane. If you have ever been interested in your past lives, this is the time to make an appointment to find out who you truly are, not just what you are living in this particular lifetime. It will make it easier to align with what makes your heart happy and will be supported by all the spirits and the other dimensions sources of power!


It is too late to fix it but not too late to say you are sorry. Pay more attention next time when you decide to hook up with someone else’s project when you are not really interested in it.


You are waking up to your entire reality, not just the reality you wanted to see for so many years. You now see your darkness and you are shamed and want to retire from the human race. Don’t do that. Take this transformation and reach out to others who are also facing their darkness, to help them understand we all have a dark side that is integral to living on Planet Earth.


Wake up and smell the coffee. It is time to get your skates on and dance the dance of success. You have built up towards these times for 2 decades and it is now here for you. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel of your own life.


It is a habit with you to emphasize bad news and hold back the good news. Make the shift of consciousness now, today, to spotlight the good so it will multiply.


Get off your preachers stance and become a student of life. Watch what works for others and then follow their lead. It is time to dance a new tune that is led by others.


Don’t blame others and don’t blame yourself. Everything that happens, happens for a reason, even this latest disaster. Learn from it and move forward rapidly.


It is embarrassing when yet again you are so unhappy others can notice it. Isn’t it time you asked others for help in figuring out what is going on with you, being it that you appear to have no clue? Ditch your self-esteem issues, and don’t let them block you from opening up to receiving help.


It takes you forever to learn from past mistakes so don’t do that on this occasion. What went wrong last week that should never be repeated again? Who did what and why? Pay close attention to the details of the issues so you can learn what to avoid. If you do not figure it out, it will happen again over the holidays but with a multiplying of the negative consequences.


Open up to others about your broken heart and how difficult it has been to recover from the failures. It is part of your process to share your misery and in that way you will be released from it.


You do not know how to get out of this mess but you know you must, You see the consequences of not having paid enough attention and now having to pick up the pieces of your life. Be kind but firm with those whose help you need to get back on track.


You are severely challenged because you need to make a major adjustment in your life now, within the next several weeks. All the issues that have blocked you in the past are up again but this time you will not be so handicapped and can achieve your goals if you have the courage of your convictions.


Lay down the gun and knives, there is no war. Negotiate gracefully with those whose behavior you can no longer tolerate. It is that simple if you remember that you hold all the power.

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