Whose thoughts are those?

Another Reason to Purify Our Spaces
This happens to all of us: we “think” and we think the thoughts are ours just because they are in our heads. And many times we “feel” and we think those feelings are ours because they are in our heads and bodies. And we “act” and we “think” we chose to act, but we did not, we did what our heads told us to do, but the thinking and feeling and doing, while happening in our physical head and physical body, was just transference from the aura of the space we were in or from the aura of people near us.
The memories, thoughts and emotions that remain in a space long after the people generating them are gone, sometimes hundreds of years ago, can and do affect us. It is important that we clear the spaces where we live and work. We want to make sure that what we are feeling, thinking and doing is really us, and not residue from someone else’s history.
It is important to purify your aura, house and your environment. Click HERE to order your Purification kit.

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