Swamp Energies: A type of Miasm or Spiritual Pollution

When we do not take care of our dead, Mother Earth helps out by collecting them and negative astral particles in wetlands. She also uses standing water, such as artificial lakes, canals and big puddles to help the healing process of people who have lost their physical bodies. She uses these watery places as a natural cemetery, to clear entities the same way we use water in Baptism to clear bad energy: lakes, oceans and rivers.
So wetlands, swamp lands, artificial lakes, and such are not such good places to live on or near. Mother Nature knows best. It is usually a struggle to live in these places and it is for a good reason. In the article that follows is information it took me years to collect. I did not want to change it to fit “perfectly” into this book as I hope it can be useful to many more people that read this book. Please feel free to copy this and send it on to anyone you know who lives in swamp lands. By the way, New Orleans is on top of a swamp…

Swamp Energies:
A type of Miasm or Spiritual Pollution
In Webster’s dictionary, the term “Miasm” is followed by these meanings: “a vaporous exhalation (as of a marshy region or of a putrescent matter) formerly believed to contain a substance causing disease (as malaria)”; “a pervasive influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt”. Its Greek root is “miainein” which means “to defile”. “To defile” means “to make something dirty or no longer pure”; “to damage something holy or sacred”.
I often take care of clients who have issues that no doctors or therapist has been able to identify or resolve. I will call this issue “swamp energies” When I identify that someone has swamp energies, it is because I intuit that information and I also “see” with my clairvoyant abilities, a lot of darkness literally dripping from the torso and limbs of the person. This darkness looks like black jelly.
The “swamp energies” symptoms usually include:
1. Persistent, chronic depression
2.  A heaviness that is beyond depression and lethargy: an extra heaviness that does not feel like the emotion of depression nor the heaviness of achy muscles…it is a little hard to explain but it can also be described as feeling as if something is pulling you down; lets call it an energetic depression
3. Lethargy, lack of vitality
4.  Aches and pains
5. A life full of heavy emotional and spiritual issues
6. Lack of good sleep
7. Any and all issues with entities that come with haunted houses, cemeteries, etc.
Feeling Bogged Down
In looking at the lives many people who live near or on top of swamp like land, I find that too many of them have lives that can be described as “heavy”. They feel the opposite of what light hearted people feel like. Their energy is heavy, dreary, though they may cover it up with smiles and positivism. Actually, I have often joked that in addition to their regular job, they have a full time job keeping themselves “up”, in other words “animandose”, meaning making themselves feel better through a mental process of “animating, uplifting” their energy field. That can consciously override the feelings of lethargy, but they are still emotionally and physically living these “swamp energies”.
After seeing many patients with these symptoms and intuiting that these clients and these issues were a package, a syndrome, I searched as to the generator of the issues/syndrome. And the answer was, these people lived, or had lived near a swamp, bog, marsh, or land that some developer had reclaimed from the everglades or another “swampy” place and used land fill to build it up enough to be able to construct buildings on it.  Also land that was near artificial lakes or canals with water that does not move. It also included homes and buildings built on land that is water logged” when it rains; large puddles develop and take a while to drain.
I had already identified that many of us are periodically affected by moving Miasms, a form of spiritual pollution. This spiritual pollution can include negative thoughts and emotions and entities. And when this Miasm, this cloud of negative thoughts and emotions hits our auras, we then think these negative thoughts and negative emotions, as if they were internally generated. Not so, but we are unaware because until recently we believed that the thoughts in our heads were ours….
“Swamp energies” appear to be Miasm that have a location. They have a permanent place in geography. And that is an important point, they have a location; these energies do not come to us, we go to them: as in live by them, build our homes on top of them, and work in buildings near or on top of them.
Mother Earth Cemeteries
It is my perception that Mother Earth has a plan to help human beings in their evolutionary process.  Mother Earth has tried to help us out by accumulating Miasm type energies: negative astral particles, negative entities, and negative energies in certain places like marshes, bogs, wetlands and swamps.  It was never meant that humans live near or on top of these places, as humans should never live on Indian Burial Grounds or near cemeteries.
In our need for space, our need to build, to do business, we have overridden what our natural intuition is telling us: there are places that are not healthy for human beings. There is a very good reason why these places are hard to live on or by: we are not supposed to live there. Not because Mother Earth is selfish or likes to control us, but because these places are simply not good for us. Remember the definition of Miasm:
“A vaporous exhalation (as of a marshy region or of a putrescent matter) formerly believed to contain a substance causing disease (as malaria)”; “a pervasive influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt”. Its Greek root is “miainein” which means “to defile”. “To defile” means “to make something dirty or no longer pure”; “to damage something holy or sacred”.
I know that many will question if there are motives behind this article: am I seeking to protect Mother Earth? Am I a “tree hugger”? Am I an environmentalist? Do I think contractors and builders are greedy businessmen? The answer is no, I am an observer and a healer; I observe in order to know how people get sick and I find that if I can figure out how they got sick, then within that information is sometimes the clues as to how they can get better. And that is how this information came about, through observation and then conclusions. And most of the times when I asked if the person had lived or lived near a bog, swamp, reclaimed land, etc. the answer was “yes”.
An uncovered glass of water can be a container for ‘swamp energies’
In Santeria and Brujeria, it is known that if you put out an uncovered glass of water, it ‘catches’ negative spirits. In Kabala, they say the same. Obviously, don’t drink out of a container of water that you have left uncovered overnight. I believe this is the same dynamics as what I am talking about with wetlands; they are a container that “catches” negative energies and entities.

Who is most affected by swamp energies?
I have noticed that there is a big difference in how people, even in the same household, are affected by swamp energies. These are my conclusions:
1. people born in natural setting, near nature, in the country side, have stronger etheric bodies (stronger constitutions) and are less affected; if a family moves to a house on swamp land, and one of the parents was born ad raised in a natural setting, that parent does not get as affected or affected at all
2. Children born and raised in swamp energies are most affected; growing up in swamp energies influences a child forever, unless life events are conducive to cleaning up the child’s aura
3. Any tragedy experienced in wetlands, or swamp environment seems to be much worse than the same tragedy experienced in a normal setting; a rape or assault in a swamp area is much more damaging to the aura and psyche of the person than in another setting. It appears that because of the setting of negative energies, the trauma allows exceptionally bad energies into the person’s energy field.
What exactly are Swamp Energies?
Like living in Energetic Sewage…
Good question. From what I have been able to detect with my psychic observations, swamp energies consist of astral particles of negative emotions, negative energies and negative entities. These energies are bound together with a magnetic force called odic force. This is how the book Merging With Siva describes odic forces:
“Spiritually magnetic-of or pertaining to consciousness within asuddha maya, the realm of the physical and lower astral planes.  …odic force is a magnetic, sticky, binding substance that people seek to develop when they want to bind themselves together, such as in partnerships, marriage…relationships and friendships. In, of itself, is stagnant and unflowing.”
What to do if you have swamp energies in your aura?
After working with many clients with “swamp energies” and the resulting issues, these are the things I found help to clear the energies:
1. MSM: a nutrient found in health food stores, ask for a recommendation as to how much from the nutritionist
2. Epson salts in tub baths; Epson salts are sulfur and help to release the “jelly” from your aura
3. Tub baths with Flores de Isis Spirit Evolution and Depression sprays; these help the spirits and the particles of consciousness evolve and release from your aura
4. Balance your ph through eating the proper foods and liquids to eliminate some of the physical symptoms of swamp energies
5. Read Psychic Self Defense by Robert Bruce to more fully understand the symptoms are of entity attachments
6. Go to the beach or immerse yourself in living water a lot; living water is very helpful in removing this energy
7. Use a magnetic blanket to sleep at night. This blanket corrects the earth energies and is very healing. It can help correct the element of earth in your aura while you sleep at night. It is also good to help “ground” hyper active children and adults. (the blanket  we recommend is from a company called Nikken www.5pillars.com/dorisalinas)
8. Conduct ceremonies, masses, rituals to help the spirits that are supposed to be healing in those swampy waters, to evolve
That is all I have to say about “swamp energies” for now. We are not supposed in live in or near cemeteries. But if we do and do not want to move, then we should take it upon ourselves to help heal the spirits that are there. It is an act of compassion and truly what is best for them and for us.
Last chapter
There are some important conclusions to be reached if others find what I find in human behavior. Humans would be very different if they did not have entities attached, possessing them, influencing them. They would not be excessively angry, excessively depressed; they would not hurt another and they would not kill. These behaviors are not natural for humans, regardless of how many thousands of years they have been behaving this way. Entity driven behavior is what causes the human misery that we live. If our free will was operational all the time, we would not harm another. If the free will of the entities were operational, they would not harm another. We have misidentified the enemy and it is not us. We have accused each other and then the spirit world, but what we really need to do is embrace each other, heal each other and heal the spirit world. Each person that “dies badly” is a potential robot to be used to harm other human beings. Let us learn how to help those that have passed over so that their free will will be their free will. Let our free will be the reason we do things. The world will be a very different place.
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