February 8 to 14, 2016 News From Other Dimensions February 14 Apocalypse now!

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Note: Please do not expect something to happen on the physical dimension    on the 14th. This event is like an eclipse, you feel the effects before and after,       and none of it on the physical dimension.
The Brahmahvara is a doorway to the underworld. We all have one 2 inches under our root chakra and it where the pieces of our soul go when we have a trauma that “breaks” us. It is supposed to be shut other than for entry and exit. A shaman goes to the underworld via the Brahmahvara to retrieve that piece of your soul. That work is called soul retrieval.
The Planet has a Brahmahvara and it was broken during the Gulf Oil Spill and that event changed the vibration of the Planet. That door is not supposed to be broken or open, but it does break or stay open when there are huge traumas involving a super high level of fear. This is the mantra that can help you keep your Brahmahvara closed:

We are powerful and can block the entrance of beings by visualizing, intending it and feeling it.

The universe and our personal world would be a royal mess if all the dimensions were thrown together. We live in many dimensions but those dimensions are in other dimensions because there are walls between each. The walls that are close to us are called the Higgs Field which science is currently researching. There are portals in between dimensions which give us access to other dimenions, WHEN WE ARE READY.
Schizophrenia When your personal Higgs Field is broken, spirits have more access to you and you have more access to them. If the contact with that world makes no sense to you, then you can be classified as schizophrenic: a person who lives a reality we don’t see and they are not prepared for.
Deteriorating Higgs Field Protection
There may be a lot more schizophrenics in the near future. Why? Because the Higgs Field that maintains order between dimensions has been weakened by radiation from electronic devices in your personal life and in general by Wi Fi, etc. And now we have a literal vanishing of the Higgs Field between us and the underworld, the dimensions called “hell” in the Bible and depicted in the End Times scenarios in the Apocalypse. Remember, the origin of the word Apocalypse in Middle English: Apocalypse: revelation, to uncover And that is exactly what will happen on the 14th of February 2016; the underworld will be revealed, uncovered. Get ready and don’t do what the schizophrenics do, which is accept what the medical establishment says to them, that those voices in their heads are not real. They are and we may all be hearing and seeing what will be revealed, as prophesied by the Bible and the Mayans.
So what is the trick to not becoming mentally ill, confused, bi polar or schizophrenic in the mixing of species and breaking down of dimensions? The element of earth is the most important element for humans. That is why the humans dimension on this planet is called Planet Earth! To find out and set up a regime to augment the element of earth in your physical body, in your home and in your job.
We suggest this article in Spanish: For more information on the Brahmahvara:Se acabo el calendario Maya, y ahora?
It is too late to fix this but you can say you are sorry. Go do that now so you can   get it over with and start on another project of your own.
It is OK to make mistakes but not OK to keep doing the same thing once you    realize you made that mistake. That is not a strategic move, it is just plain stupid.
For once in your life, admit you don’t know what to do. No matter how much    information you gather, you are still blocked in your goals. Consider that it is a      timing issue, not a “I am blocked” issue. This may not be the right time, though    the right time is just around the corner.
Never ever do that again! You know what we are talking about. You have been   warned that there are people in your life you need to drop now and you continue    to reach out to help them. Why? Figure it out so you can stop from sabotaging     your own life. Leo             Wake up to your auto sabotaging habits. You are your own worst enemy and you    want to blame your issues on others. Take responsibility for what you continue to   do to mess up your own projects. Virgo             Now you can move forward and make progress. Stop including other people in   your team that you know are troublemakers. Libra             If you are aware of the deficiencies in your personalities it will be relatively easy   to do away with them. If you still want to blame others for your problems you are   in for a tough time. Scorpio             Stop doing to other people what you would not want done to you. It will come   back to haunt you. Sagittarius             Stupid people are stupid people and they will never change but you can change.    Stop assuming everyone was supposed to be born intelligent! Start accepting there     is a place for stupidity on the Planet. If you do this, your world will shift and you      will be capable of working well with others and also finding happiness. One last     message: would it surprise you to know you are stupid in your emotional life? Capricorn             It is now, the time is now, do it now, make it happen now, don’t hesitate now, run    for the door now, because the planets will help you get out of a situation you have  been longing to let go of for a long time and there is a door open now, SO GET        OUT NOW! Aquarius             Open up to someone about how broken your heart is and they will listen. You   need some emotional relief or you will get sick. It is not as bad as you think, and the sharing will help you to lower the volume of negative emotions you are    recycling all day long. Pisces             You long for a quiet time yet you love the stimulation of an active life. Why don’t   you set aside quiet time so you can continue a life of fun without it   costing you      your health. – See more at:

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