Lower Chakras Conspiracy?

You have 7 upper chakras and also 7 lover chakras.”White magicians” determined over a 100 years ago that people should not know about these chakras because maybe bad people would misuse the information.

But if you do not know that the huge traumas that break humans are held under the root chakra, which includes the root cause of addictions, desire to kill etc, then how confront and heal  what is so broken?

This information is part of Hinduism catechism and is from the book Merging with Shiva: Hinduism Contemporary Metaphysics.

These are the chakras below the root chakra  and their issues:

If you have an issue with the physical part of your body that corresponds to one of these chakras, you can start your healing process by repeating in silence throughout your day, the Fox Intention Mantra:

Please God help me with my intention to heal my …….(put here the part of the body such as feet, hips, thighs etc.)

Por favor Dios ayuda con mi intención de sanar...(pon la parte de su cuerpo que tiene  mal, como caderas, pies, pantorrilla…)

Ladies, celullite is an issue…LOL

1 Atala at the hips and  is about fear and lust
2. Vitala is at the thighs and is about raging anger
3. Sutala is at the knees and is about retaliatory jealousy
4. Talatala is at the calves  and is about prolonged confusion
5. Rasatala is at the ankles and is about selfishness
6. Mahatala is at the feet and is an absence of conscience
7. Patala is on the soles of the feet and is about malice and murder
Lower Chakras, location and issues

The Seven Sub-Muladhara Regions

The information below is from Description of lower chakras
Atala: The first lower chakra, located in the hips, governs the state of mind called fear, which is truly a bottomless abyss. Someone in this consciousness fears death, fears life, even fears God and other people. This center is also the home of lust and promiscuity.
Vitala: Here anger predominates, and burning resentment. Anger comes from despair, confusion, frustration or lack of understanding. People in the consciousness of this chakra, centered in the thighs, are always wrathful, mad at the world, even angry at God.
Sutala: This chakra, found in the knees, governs jealousy, wanting what one can’t have. Jealousy is a feeling of inadequacy, inferiority and helplessness. People in sutala consciousness covet everything, often deny the existence of God and are contentiously combative.
Talatala: Prolonged confusion dominates here, giving rise to instinctive willfulness: to get rather than give, to push others around and pursue materialistic advancement over all else. Greed and deceit prevail in this dog-eat-dog state of mind, centered in the calves.
Rasatala: This chakra of the ankles is the true home of the animal nature. Unmitigated selfishness prevails, of seeing to the well-being of “number one” first. The suffering of others is of no concern. Jealousy, anger and fear are intense, even high, states of consciousness.
Mahatala: This is the realm of consciencelessness, or inner blindness to the effect of one’s actions, of negativity and deep depression. Those living in this chakra of the feet steal freely, taking what they justify as theirs anyway, feeling that the world “owes them a living.”
Patala: Here, in the soles of the feet, is the abode of destructiveness, revenge, murder for the sake of murder, torture and hatred expressed through harming the properties, minds, emotions and bodies of others. Hatred and scorn abide here. Malice reigns supreme. Reason seldom reaches this state of mind.
This is the story of our evolution through the mind—from the gross to the refined, from darkness into light, from a consciousness of death to immortality. We follow a natural pattern that is built right in the nerve system itself: memory; reason; will; direct cognition; inner light perceptions of the soul which give a universal love of all mankind; psychic perceptions through divine sight; and the heavenly refinement of being in the thousand-petaled lotus.

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