Sex, Electro haunting and Your Cell Phone


Sex and Your Cell Phone

A silent enemy of your sexuality and  sexual evolution

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Electroaddiction is a rapidly spreading, insidious addiction that those who have it are often unaware of. Electroaddiction is an addiction to electromagnetic radiation, whether it comes from is from a computer, cell phone, or a wireless router at home or in your office. It is not the addiction to the computer, or cell phone, ect. it is your aura’s addiction to the radiation of these devices!

The Law of Attraction Applied to Electroaddiction

If you recognize that you are addicted, just determining you will spend less time on the cell phone or your computer does not resolve the issue. You may unconsciously be feeding your addiction by moving your office chair closer to the wireless router to get your “fix”. Or you may spend more time on a cordless phone, which is unfortunately a worse offender than your cell phone!

This is a difficult concept to understand initially, but when you “get it” you will be astounded at how people who are electroaddicted “coincidentally” always end up sitting next to routers, meter boxes, large electrical appliances and even choosing apartments next to the electric room in their building!

The dynamics of electroaddiction is due to the magnetism of the Law of Attraction. When I say Law of Attraction, you perk up because it sounds so positive. The Law of Attraction is a law of magnetic resonance, which means whatever is in your aura will magnetically pull to your aura the same vibration, or you will magnetically be drawn to it.

Scientific Studies Are Warning Us

We need to pay more attention to the negative effects of our electronic devices. Fortunately, it is not only my remote viewing abilities that are exposing the destructive effects of radiation but science is also revealing the dire consequences of this new influence on our health. Today, radiating devices have such an impact on our overall health, not just the second chakra, that it is making environmental medicine more important than ever!

Cell Phone Radiation Reduces Fertility and Hip Calcification

As an example, scientific studies have established that cell phones can reduce fertility in men ( Fertility one of the many indicators of the health of your sexual chakra. If cell phone radiation is reducing fertility that means it is damaging the health of your entire second chakra, not just its fertility function.

Remember that your sexual chakra is located in the hip area as you read this recent study  (2011) on the effects of cell phones:

“According to a new study, electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones may affect bone strength. Men who wear their cell phone on the right side of their belts were found to have reduced bone mineral content and bone mineral density in the right hip.

Researchers measured the bone strength at the left and right hip in two groups of healthy men, half of whom did not use cell phones and half of whom carried their cell phone in a belt pouch on the right side. Their hipbones were assessed using a test called dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry.

And Texting Is No Better!

Please note that when you text, you are holding the cell phone in your hands which radiated your throat and heart chakra but because of the location of the texting phone, you are also radiating your sexual chakra.

In the graphics below, you can see the sketches of the auras of normal people with no major health issues. The black box sketched on their hip and waist is where they hold their cell phones. Apparently the radiation from cell phones not only reduces bone density but also burns through layers of their aura, opening a portal.

Electrohaunting Your Sexual Chakra

That portal is a doorway to other dimensions. It allows movement from one dimension to another, at a place in the human aura where there should be no portal. This information will help you to better understand electrohaunting, a new concept and phrase also introduced in my book Your Matrix Your Electric body. Those portals are an open door to spirit invasion. Electrohaunting is the haunting of a person due to the burning off of protective layers of the aura by electronic radiation!

Cell Phones and Your Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra, located in the center of your chest, influences and is influenced by the inside of your arms and hands.

The holding in your hand of radiating devices is literally burning the heart chakra mindstreams. It will be difficult to achieve sexual ecstasy if your heart chakra is burned to a crisp due to the radiation from your cell phone.  It will be difficult to keep your sensuality if the energy of your hands is a victim of radiation.

Cell Phones and Your Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra is located in the center of your throat. Its mindstreams extends all the way into the back of your arms and hands. Believe me, if your cell phone can receive calls from as far away as the other side of the Planet, that it can radiate through the inside of your hands to the outside.

Your ears are an extension of your throat chakra. When you speak on a cell phone or cordless phone, you are radiating your throat chakra via the outside of your hands and your ear.

Going back to the Talisman we recommend,  we remind you of this statement:

We have in the back of the throat chakra a secret doorway,  a Granthi (knot) called the Knot of Shiva. If that doorway is broken, it allows Entrance to the worst spirits, the incubus and succubus.

Holding a cell phone or cordless phone in your hands is radiating and destroying your heart chakra, throat chakra and your Knot of Shiva, all of which are more susceptible to  spirit invasión than the other chakras. The sketch below is an example of how many people look today.

Sleeping with Your Cell Phone May Wipe Out Your Personality

Holding a cell phone or cordless phone is not good for your chakra health, but sleeping with these devices is perhaps even worse. When I have been asked to look for any unseen factors in many young persons with depressions, suicidal thoughts and out of control rages, I have found that they had one thing in common: they literally slept with their cell phones next to their heads or under their pillows!

But even if you do not believe in chakras, psychic research, or advanced knowledge, thanks to research, you will eventually have the “scientific” proof that holding or sleeping with radiating devices hours a day is really not good for you. Don’t wait for those studies; protect yourself now by reducing the time you spend with radiating devices, just in case. Your sensuality and sexuality are assets you have and should be as protected or more than your bank account.

Frances Fox

Frances Fox is an author and TV and radio personality. This article is from her latest book Sex: The Big Turnoff which is currently being pushed in Spanish as Sexo: La Puerta a Dios. Her book on the human electric system Your Matrix, Your Electric Body, known in ancient literature as the electromagnetic energy body can be found on Amazon. For more information go to her website

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