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In the chapter on the Human Assemblage of bodies we mentioned there appears to be another set of bodies we are not familiar with called the Merkabah. They are two centered equilateral triangles that form the Star of David, which is also called the Shield of David. Giving a healing to the Star of David triangles of an individual is purifying and aligning that person at a baseline level far away from the physical dimension and the energy bodies we are familiar with. It is incredibly profound and effective.

We believed the triangle with the downward point represents or channels the top three chakras, the crown, third eye and the throat chakras. We believe the triangle with the point facing upward, channels the three bottom chakras, the root, the sacral and the solar plexus. When you put the two triangles together and center them with the heart chakra, you get the Shield of David and you are centering your life, your chakras in your heart. The Star of David was promoted as a talisman, as a protection and often called the Shield of David for that reason. We do believe that if your two triangles are centered, as in the symbol, you are more protected from outside invasion in addition to being ready for Galactic travel as your Merkabah is your Galactic travel vehicle!


The following exercise can make a profound difference in the way you feel, or if you are attempting to heal another individual, they can feel a profound difference. The most frequent description of how the individual feels after a Shield of David healing is the word “centered”, and then the word “calm”.

The exercise is simple. To start, determine whose Merkabah/Shield of David you will be healing. You can also give yourself a purification by healing your own Shield of David.

  1. Chose whose Shield of David you will be healing and be consciously aware of who you are intending on purifying
  2. Visualize the bottom triangle with point is facing up
  3. Visualize yourself sending a spiral of white light to the base of that triangle
  4. Spin the laser of light COUNTERCLOCKWISE.
  5. You may not “see” or visualize any thing but your laser light. Many will start to see at the base of the triangle an upward movement of the light spiraling counter clockwise.
  6. Continue to spiral the light COUNTERCLOCKWISE until the light travels up and shoots out the point at the top of the triangle
  7. Sometimes the individual is too congested for you to get the light to open up the central channel and shoot out the top but even if that does not happen, you will have given the person or yourself a healing and there should be a difference in mood or well being

Exhaustion and your Shield of David

In the 1990s, we met a person who was involved in a huge business venture. He asked that we give him a healing, which we did. At that time, we had just discovered the Shield of David exercise and used it frequently on clients. But we were puzzled when we found that the bottom triangle was lying on its side! We questioned the client to see if we could figure how what that could mean, and as most things in metaphysics, the answer was simply what it showed: a collapsed unit of chakras due to overwork!

We share this story as it is happening today to many individuals we know and work with: a collapse of a very deep part of themselves due to something that deteriorates their chakras. At that time and with that client and other clients, it was always due to overwork or a major disease such as a cancer patient who had just undergone chemotherapy

Today many individuals who live in cities are surrounded by the destructive radiation of EMF and have their lower chakras weak. Today there is a level of exhaustion never seen before, an exhaustion not from overworking the physical body but due to the destruction of the etheric protection.

What to do?

They say that every problem is a sign that there is something in your life you need to address. The collapse of the Shield of David means there is something that needs to be addressed in society today. Please intend to find out why your Shield has collapsed and what needs to change to repair it.

Note: The Shield of David is a hexagram and was most used as a magical protection against demons.

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