Healing Your Surroundings Exercise


This Visualization Exercise is from our Dolphin sources:

Jesus came to Earth to teach us to walk the path into the light during our lifetimes. It is a path that continues after death. But humans remain blocked in life, and also in death.

We are here to provide you with a technique to use when you feel depressed, impatient or angry. It is a technique that will help the energies that surround each of you to heal. This way, they will feel better and so will you.

Yes, we are saying that there are spirits around you and that a lot of what you feel actually comes from the spiritual world, particularly, depression and anger. Those begin in the spiritual world, from those who do not have a physical body, not from the physical world.

We know that you think that this is impossible and that, when you feel depressed, it is because something in your life that is depressing. And that when you think back and look for reasons for your depression, you find something depressing in your lives. So, you have your explanations.

The problem is that things are not the way they seem. The spirit becomes depressed or angry first. This negative spiritual energy falls on your shoulders, and so, you look for an explanation as to why you feel the way you do.

We are bringing this into your awareness because if you work on cleansing your homes, offices, cars and other surroundings from negative energies, your emotional and mental states will improve greatly.

Purify your spaces?

The elements must always be balanced. Look around, what do you need? Do you need more water or earth in your home? Do you need to heal the spirit of your mother who died of cancer so she can “leave” and go to the light? Do you need to remove objects that carry and anchor negative energy or failures or the energy of a negative relationship? There are so many things that must be looked at and that can help to easily clean your surroundings.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui exists to teach people to understand their surroundings. You must learn this art. Maintaining your surroundings clean and clear is a direct path to joy and prosperity…

There a simple way to help you feel better quickly by purifying the spirits that surround you. You will see an immediate change in the way that you feel.

Meditation for Healing Your Surroundings

It’s simple. Close your eyes; imagine that you are in the ocean, as if you were dolphins. In other words, imagine yourself as a dolphin swimming in the ocean, not a person. Now, imagine that there is a net on the floor of the area that you want to cleanse. With your mind, raise that net, and, with it, catch all of the negative energies in that space. Visualize this net full of all of the negativity that it captured, being picked up by your dolphin self and another dolphin. All of the negative spirits and energies that were harming you are in this net, between the two dolphins. Picture the two dolphins swimming, yourself and the other, with the spirits and negativity almost sandwiched between you. Always breathing deeply and repeating this mantra:

“Please God, help us heal these beings.”

Simply keep swimming until you feel the desire to stop.

You may not notice a change right away. But a little later, you will notice that you begin to feel better, or that something that you were doing is now easier to do. Any time that you feel down, use this method to cleanse your surroundings.

Note: Shapeshifting is the ability to change your shape/look in the astral dimensions. You can shape shift into whatever you intend on being.

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