Sleep – Daylight Savings Time may be influencing your sleep

Does Daylight Savings Time weaken the mind? What happens when you disconnect the human mind from the cycles of nature? Sleep is a natural condition of the human mind when it follows the natural sequence of the day: day into night and then night into day. You wonder as to the effects of changing the time during daylight savings time? It is so simple: if you mess around with time, and disconnect it from the natural cycle of the sun and the moon, then you mess up the natural cycle of the human mind.
If you look back into the history of daylight savings time, you will see that sleep deprivation has a direct correlation to the unnatural cycle created by adjusting the clock to the conveniences of society.
Anything that weakens the mind, weakens our ability to “create” Why it is important that we stay connected to nature’s cycles? Because the human mind uses the elements of nature to create. Did you hear that word “create”? Everyone is talking about how humans create reality with the mind and thought. The movie The Secret, which millions have viewed, is all about the power of the mind. The movie What the Bleep has also proved that the human mind is a tool of creation.
The problem is that the elements of nature are the building blocks of reality and if you disconnect the human mind from the cycles of nature, you weaken the ability of the mind to create effectively. The ability to create is weakened and the mind gives into its bad habits: compulsive thinking, negativity and anxiousness. These tendencies of the mind also create and the world you are living in is what a mind like that tends to create.
The importance of quality sleep is associated and directly related to the quality of the ability of your mind to create, as in creating your reality. We would say that looking at the factors that impinge on your sleep is very important.

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