Panic Attack- Sleep – Spirit Attacks, Long, Dark Nights

Attack: to use force against in order to harm; to take the offensive against; to begin acting upon harmfullyWebster’s Dictionary

Spirit attacks can drive you to drink, take drugs, commit suicide, beat your children, or act out in bad ways. That is the point of the attack, to beat up on you enough to get you to feel or behave in ways you would not otherwise choose. In many cases, people who have suffered from months or years of insomnia or a general inability to sleep well, these attacks are the unseen factor.

Attack vs. Attachment

What is the difference between a spirit attack and spirit attachments and possessions? Spirit attachments are a constant influence at lower levels or volumes of an issue. An attack is something that creates a more explosive reaction in the victim. The person becomes aware that something is different, that something is going on, that the fear level is getting out of control, that their behavior is out of control. The change can take place from one minute to another, but the most important symptom of an attack versus an attachment is the volume of reaction. During an attack, the reaction is explosive by comparison. Often the attacks occur at night, when we are most vulnerable. This is also the case with small children.

Below is a list of a few of the symptoms of an attack by spirits.

1. Waking up in fear at approximately the same time every night;
2. Waking up with compulsive, repetitive thoughts;
3. Panic attacks: Through my research, I have concluded that all panic attacks are spirit attacks;
4. Compulsive thoughts that you cannot control;
5. Feelings of pending doom or uncontrollable fears that do not appear to be related to anything that has actually happened in your life;
6. A compulsive, negative thought or urge that is inconsistent with your true nature;
7. Prickling, stinging, itching, jabbing of the skin;
8. Sudden increase or onset of a physical pain or condition for no apparent reason;
9. Sudden onset of feelings of dread;
10. Sudden need for alcohol, sugar, drugs, sex (Note: without an entity attachment you can chose to drink or not drink; with an entity attachment the entity makes the choice, you don’t, and you end up drinking, smoking, or eating when you don’t really want to or know you should not);
11. Something or someone not physical having sex with your body while you sleep; or
12. Our pets can warn us about a presence with body language that expresses that “something, someone” is there. This is usually the easiest and most obvious of signs.

Children and Nighttime

Often times, when a small child wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, it is the result is the result of a spirit attack. During the attack, the child may complain of an upset stomach during such an attack, which is perfectly understandable and true. I would be hard pressed to not have physical reactions to this type of injury and fear. I believe that these attacks are designed to break down the consciousness and aura of the child and parents, and, when that objective is met, the attacks stop. Once the entities have broken the child’s aura, they take up residence inside the child’s energy system.

These spirits can then lay low for years, waiting for a crisis during which to act up again. Acting up may include bouts of rage, depression, and other behaviors not normally exhibited not compatible with the child’s personality. Many times, you can actually witness the change of expression on the child’s face when he acts out. The face is different because the entity has taken over part of the physical body of your child.

A Special Note About Handicapped Children

While this is not the place to go in-depth about spirit attachments and children with handicaps, I feel it important to mention this: When I first started my practice, I worked with a lot of handicapped children. I was astounded to find that many of them were handicapped or could not heal because of negative spirit attachments. I found that if the parents did not address the spirit issue, I could not help the child to heal. Moreover, when the parents dealt with the attachment/ possession issues, the child improved. I also found that too many children were severely and strangely ill because of attachments and possessions they picked up during their birth. The spirits were there looking for a new home or host, attaching themselves to the child. An attachment at such an early age hampers normal development.

I struggled to get the parents to cooperate, as most did not believe that spirits existed. I finally resorted to playing a game with them. I would ask the parents if their child was a good kid. They would usually answer with an enthusiastic “yes.” Then, I would ask if the child would ever go into rages, during which his face would become unrecognizable, to which they enthusiastically exclaim, “Yes, yes, it is almost as if he was another person.” At this point, I would explain that their child was under a spirit’s influence and that it would be very difficult to help him to heal if that block was not removed. I am sorry to report that most of the parents did not feel inclined to ask more questions nor do what was necessary to release their child from the grip of the spirit world.

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