Snoring and Alzheimers, Dementia: Do you snore?


Dolphin comments on Snoring and Alzheimer

February 16, 2005

Snoring is the result of congestion of upper nasal passages at the exact spot where the second “third eye” is located. It is closed down by a refusal to look at truth, the truth of one’s life. It is worse in people who need to make decisions so that their life will improve, but wont because of fear of change or fear of hurting someone.

 It is closely related to Alzheimer’s; when the medical profession addresses the relationship between diseases, they will find this. When people are willing to look at their lives, admit what is not working and then doing something about it, their snoring improves or disappears. They do not necessarily need to do something about their lives, but yes admit to what is real in their lives. Most of the time, the pain of what they see and admit to is so painful, they make changes. It is the emotional honesty issue at its max.

 Let’s go back to the Alzheimer’s disease. Snoring is a usual precursor to Alzheimer’s’. The bottom line is the same: an unwillingness to look at ones life, because the person is unwilling to make changes in their life.

Snoring can be a preamble to dry mouth. In metaphysics dry mouth is known to be when your consciousness “leaves” the mouth, leaving an empty space where spirits can come in.

We suggest:

  • Coconut pulling (look up on the internet, great for the health of your mouth)
  • Sleeping with the Fox Talisman which protects the throat chakra, which is what is affected by snoring and dry mouth. This Talisman protects you from spirit invasion particularly at night when we are most vulnerable
  • Purifying  the other dimensions of your bedroom and especially your bed so that you are protected from invasion. Today you are not spiritually sophisticated if you do not already know that quantum physicists and string theorists contend that there are at least 11 dimensions that humans have some sort of connection to…
  • Fox Intention Mantra repeated 25-50 times a day:

Please God help me with my intention to heal my snoring.

or if you are willing to go deeper into the root cause of snoring:

Please God help me with my intention to  transform my life so I can be happy.

  • Mindful Herbs, an Ayurveda herbal formula (vegan, gluten free, no preservatives)  from the Vedas, the sacred texts of India, that help to harmonize your emotions and make it easier to deal with the stresses of your life particularly if you are in need of or are experiencing great changes

Please call 1-800-651-6804 for more information on the Fox Talisman and Mindful Herbs

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