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Spirit cemetaries= swamps, Everglades, marshes, New Orleans

Posted by on Feb 21, 2015 in Depression, Depression/Rages, Spirits, Spirits Haunting, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Are you living on top of a cemetary?   Then there  is no  mystery why you are miserable and have such bad luck….. Mother Earth uses water to heal spirits Car accidents, death in an emergency room, death while on pain killing drugs, all create the potential for a traumatic death producing a robotic spirit. We already know that because of a lack of awareness, we have not known that we need to protect the dying process or heal the traumatized spirit. The result is a lot of wandering, lost souls looking for a place or a person to attach to. Mother Earth helps out by collecting some of these souls in wetlands. She also uses standing water, such as artificial lakes, canals and big puddles to help the healing process of people who have lost their physical bodies....

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Marijuana for the Soul

Posted by on Jan 6, 2015 in Cancer, Cannabis, Depression | 0 comments

Intro to Marijuana Research A story about medicine I have a friend who is an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Akilesh Sharma. I learned a lot about natural medicine from him but particularly from a story he told me. This is the gist of the story: There was a guru who taught medicine. One day he told his students to go and find one plant that did not have medicinal qualities to it. The students went off and as the days passed, the students came back with a plant they thought did not have the ability and intention to heal something in a human being. The guru would then tell what that particular plant could heal in a person.  After days there was still one student who had not returned. The guru asked about him and the students said he was...

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Suicidal Thoughts in an Apartment

Posted by on Dec 13, 2014 in Depression, Mantras, Suicide, Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Power of Our Mind to Create a Negative Reality We create our reality. I know this to be true but am still astounded when I witness how easy it is to create a negative one. I had a client who could not sleep due to obsessive worrying about a daughter that had just moved into a lovely oceanfront apartment in Brickell Key in Miami. Apparently, her daughter’s life was in order; her job paid well and secure, her children were fine and her husband was happy. Yet this mother could not erase the frightening thoughts of her daughter throwing herself off the balcony of the new home. She confessed that maybe her daughter was hiding something and perhaps did not really have the money to pay for the new condo? The mom asked me to “see” if her...

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Video: Remote Viewing Suicide

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in ADD, ADHD, Children, Depression, Suicide | 0 comments

Frances remote views a suicide and finds a common theme: the person who is suicidal is dealing with a transference of negative energies called miasma from others, in addition to their own depression and desire to die. It is critical to purify the environment where you live and work  so your and your family do not recycle each others’ emotions. It is particularly important to purify your bed and where you sit watching TV or working on your computer so you do not recycle your own negative...

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Video: Depression, Addictions because of Environmental Influences

Posted by on Oct 1, 2014 in Depression, Electro stress, Mindstrings | 0 comments

A new silent factor in your immune system and health Children It has been 2 decades since I began diagnosing the root injury of a child’s learning disabilities being due to sleeping in a room where outside the property there was a transformer. It is a huge new original injury in the augmentation of autism today, starting with sonograms.  I have found this radiation a factor in most autistic children today. It is also a huge factor in ADD and ADHD. The radiation is the element of fire and it creates distraction and hyperactivity issues in adults also, not just kids. The client in this video is severely ADD too. Executives When I do executive coaching or sales training today, I have found that sleeping with a cell phone next to the head is frequently a factor in reduced...

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Energetic Consequences of the Black Waters of the Oil Spill

Posted by on Jun 17, 2014 in Bipolar, Depression, Depression/Rages, Spirits, Suicide | 0 comments

Dolphin Wisdom Revealed Consequences of the blackwaters of the oil spill May 27, 2010 Hello my people, I remember when you talked about black waters that run under people’s homes. But it sounded like petroleum and not just dirty water that looked black. Talk to me about this. Black water has been responsible for human misery since the beginning of time. Black waters are a mixture of oil and negative energies from another planet. This water has the capacity to move and change things. In humans it changes their health. In land it changes the polarity of the land, which then allows for sickness to invade a home or building. In the world we live in today, we learned to use black waters to run engines but it was not always like this. Humans used to avoid black water...

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