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Hertzian Space: What is it

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Note from Frances: If the current trend continues, one our of every two children will be autistic. Hertzian Space is believed by many to be  the main contributor to the augmentation to the increase of autism and other mental disorders. Source: Hertzian space is a term used to describe a holistic view of the electronic device and its cultural interactions. Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby[1] described this “electro-climate,” inhabited by humans and electronic machines, as the interface between electromagnetic waves and human experiences. In a sense, Hertzian space is a holistic view of the electronic device and its cultural interactions. It has been defined by Anthony Dunne as the architecture of the physical interactivity between a device and a person.[2] Everything that requires electricity gives off an electro-magnetic field that extends infinitely into space. Visible light is part...

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Galactic Spirits

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in ADD, ADHD, Astral, Bipolar, Children, Depression/Rages, English Products Page, Events, Mantras, Mental Yoga, Purification Program, Sleep, Spirits | 4 comments

Galactic Spirits Helping our kids with their fears, nightmares, depression, suicidal thoughts or talk about wanting to die   Para leer en Espanol:  Hijos y batalla con espiritus Galacticos There are times in a human beings life when their soul is in transition such as birth and death. It also happens during sleep. When the physical body sleeps, the soul and other energy bodies release their alignment with the physical body. This creates issues such as leaving the physical body empty, which allows for intrusions. It also means the astral body is able to move freely around the astral dimensions, which can be dangerous if the astral/emotional body is weakened by fear, negative emotions or radiation.   At this time in the history of Planet Earth there is a furious battle between light and dark in the other dimensions...

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Depression and Law of Attraction

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Falling into a black hole… July 9th, 2010  The Law of Attraction is a terrible thing when you have not purified your energy bodies.  July 6, 2010 a client called to say hello. She sounded awful. She had gone with her family to a restaurant and her son had fallen down and hurt his nose. It stopped bleeding immediately yet hours later she did not “sound” good. So I pressed her, asking how she felt and she said she was tired…  The next day we spoke again and I noticed she “felt” very down. Remember, I am a psychic, so I really can “feel” what is going on, regardless of the smiles on people’s faces. She finally admitted she did feel very depressed and did not know why.  I volunteered to sketch her aura and this is what I...

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Frances Fox Coconut Spray to Purify Your Home

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The Energy of the Coconut Beware of the energy of  Coconut. It will take you by surprise…laughter will not creep up on you, it will burst out of your mouth without warning. Eat Coconut and you will find yourself being silly and seeing how silly your everyday worries are. Eat Coconut if you wish to detach from the mundane and the boring repetition of daily life. Eat Coconut if you do not mind being irresponsible with your joy, spreading it across the Planet. Spray Coconut on your children if you do not want them to carry your miseries. Eat Coconut if your life is ho-hum and drab. And do not be surprised at the changes you make in your life if you really incorporate Coconut into your life. Read below about protecting and purifying your environment with our Coconut...

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Purifying Your Environment with Banana

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Protecting and Purifying Your Spaces Your mind feeds off the spaces it occupies, such as your home, your office and the places you visit. It is hard to create the life you intend if you are working in a “soup” of depression, anger and pessimism. We recommend you purify your spaces daily to prevent energetic plagues of suicidal thoughts, depression and hopelessness from weakening your intentionality. Frances Fox Aura Purification Spray                                  $26 Use the Aura Purification Spray in all four corners of all rooms and closets, guaranteeing that negative energies are not able to accumulate. The spray clears emotions, thoughts and negative forces. It is recommended you also use the spray around your body before and after you visit environments that are full of negativity such as banks, hospitals and companies struggling to stay profitable. It is suggested you...

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Create a Sacred Home

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Create a Sacred Home Today April 25, 2010 Fix your home and you control your reality Your home is your ticket to controlling your destiny. This has been known for centuries. That is why even the quality of the land under your home is of critical importance. Is your land an appropriate setting to raise a family or to launch a business? Those are questions you could ask the spirits of the land if you had trained your self in communicating with the spirit world. It is not too late, you can do it now Learn how to strengthen your intentions for your life by learning to manage the energies of your home Your home is an extension of your heart chakra. If your home is a mess, then the most important heart chakra, is a mess in some...

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