Frances Fox Coconut Spray to Purify Your Home

The Energy of the Coconut

Beware of the energy of  Coconut. It will take you by surprise…laughter will not creep up on you, it will burst out of your mouth without warning. Eat Coconut and you will find yourself being silly and seeing how silly your everyday worries are. Eat Coconut if you wish to detach from the mundane and the boring repetition of daily life. Eat Coconut if you do not mind being irresponsible with your joy, spreading it across the Planet. Spray Coconut on your children if you do not want them to carry your miseries. Eat Coconut if your life is ho-hum and drab. And do not be surprised at the changes you make in your life if you really incorporate Coconut into your life. Read below about protecting and purifying your environment with our Coconut Spray to change the energy of your home and office!

Protecting and Purifying Your Spaces

Your mind feeds off the spaces it occupies, such as your home, your office and the places you visit. It is hard to create the life you intend if you are working in a “soup” of depression, anger and pessimism. We recommend you purify your spaces daily to prevent energetic plagues of suicidal thoughts, depression and hopelessness from weakening your intentionality.

Frances Fox Aura Purification Spray                                  $26

Use the Aura Purification Spray in all four corners of all rooms and closets, guaranteeing that negative energies are not able to accumulate. The spray clears emotions, thoughts and negative forces. It is recommended you also use the spray around your body before and after you visit environments that are full of negativity such as banks, hospitals and companies struggling to stay profitable. It is suggested you do the mantra while spraying to reinforce the intention to purify. The mantra is:

Please God help me with my intention to heal my spaces.

The Aura Purification Spray is a formula of flower essences that helps control spirits, and is odor free so it can be used frequently.

Frances Fox Coconut Spray $ 26

The Coconut Spray is a rich smell of coconuts, reminding you of carefree times. It is also a natural aphrodisiac and creates a vibration that is compatible with fun, joy and play. It has also been used for centuries to protect from “evil” spirits and bad energy. It is sprayed in the center of all rooms and closets. It can also be sprayed around your body.  It can be used several times a day.   

Frances Fox Banana Spray                                                      $26

The Banana Spray gives the energy of fulfilling desires now, on the spot! Use the Frances Fox Banana Spray for the energy of prosperity and instant gratification. Use it at the entrance of your home and office, which is where the energy of career is and in every room associated with money including where you keep your bills.

Tibetan Sacred Temple Music CD $16

The Tibetan Sacred Temple Music CD is a collection of music that has been used for centuries to purify spaces and people and create balance and harmony. It can be played all day long or as needed.

Other Environmental Influences on your intentionality

Your mind feeds off of your environment, whether it is your home, office or places you spend your leisure time. Your environment can support or detract from your ability to stay focused and fully intended. We suggest you choose wisely where you work, live and play.

Protect yourself from electrohaunting

Consider only using wired computers and telephones because the microwave radiation from all wireless devices open holes called portals to other dimensions, allowing spirits access to your home and your mind.

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