Black Magic

Black magic can make you crazy too

Unfortunately I have met too many families that ask that I check why their loved one went, what they call crazy only to find that black magic had initiated their tailspin into darkness. It actually makes sense, as most black magic includes attaching willing spirits to the magical act. That is what makes it magical, things happen when supposedly nothing has changed, that you can see

Children and black magic

In the last 3 years we have taken care of 4 small children whose issues, autism, weird health issues or total change in personality were initiated by black magic directed at an adult around them. The adults’ protective mindstring canopy was strong enough to naturally ward off the attack but that small child, for some reason, did not have that same protection. Once the black magic is removed the child has a remarkable recovery, unexplained by anything the parents or doctors did.

The Bible warns us

The Bible does refer to what are called ancestral curses. We suggest our clients definitely look into the possibility their family was cursed if they see that too many members of their family have what is referred to as bad luck. Often the bad luck, usually includes more than one member of several generations of the family, having mental illness. That is the bad news. The good news is that just as a curse several generations ago can curse dozens and even hundreds of people in that blood line, the removal of that curse releases those dozens or hundreds of people at the same time.

We are not suggesting that everyone check to see if the mental health issue started with a curse, but we do tell all of our clients today, that if they have a huge issue and have too many question marks as to why they have the problem, they should widen their lens and at least ask themselves whether the weird issue might have been caused by black magic.

Who did this?

Most professionals who work in removing black magic and curses never even look to see who placed the curse. We have found that to focus on who is responsible takes away the energy needed to focus on why the family member was able to be cursed. After all, that all black magic actually works. It only works if the individual already has a portal open due to unresolved issues. In the bigger picture, root cause level, the black magic is actually a gift in that it shows you that you have a hole in your mind that you need to take care of!

Mantra for Black Magic

We have not found that anything to take care of the issue of black magic  other than having a professional remove  it, but the mantra below does help to protect so we strongly suggest you use it especially if you are in fields such as the healing arts where too many practitioners delve into the dark side of healing.

Please repeat in silence with rhythmic breath many times a day:

Please God help me with my intention to exercise my free will.

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