12-21-2012 Aligning with a Super Massive Black Hole, The Dark Rift, A Channel of Darkness

12-21-2012 Invasion

A Channel of Darkness Opens on

December 21, 2012

Today  at 2 PM EST
We suggest this mantra at 2 PM EST for 8 minutes

 Please God help us with our intention to heal our anger vasanas.
Repeat for 8 minutes in silence and with rythmic breath. Continue throughout the day when you realize how releasing the mantra feels.  At 2 PM EST  we will be a the most vulnerable to the
 Super Massive Black Hole, The Dark Rift, A Channel of Darkness

Telepathic Conversation with Dolphins on November 25, 2012

Frances: So we are going to be invaded on the 21st?
We are already in that process. The mutilated  dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico  are an indicator of the level of unnecessary violence we will experience.

A channel of light has opened that connects to the left shoulder in the human energy system. That channel of light is connected to the Pleiades, from the back of the mouth to the left shoulder; the channel curves…and plucks people away from harm.

A channel of darkness is now in the process of aligning with planet earth.

It will be totally aligned with planet earth for those famous 8 minutes on the 21st, but in the afternoon at 2 PM.

This channel is like the causal body, it is a highway of energy and anyone can use it because its intention is to enter planet earth quickly. After the 8 minutes it closes again and then it is more difficult for other beings from other planets to enter planet earth.

But what will enter that day will be enough to change the battle between light and dark,

Frances: I suspect the change is not good for those of us who prefer the light to win?

Correct and it will sway even those who are good and have resisted the negative. It will be hard for anyone to stay centered in the new ambiance after those 8 minutes.

Best to do the difficult work now so that you are not full of holes…

Frances: I want to know more, now. It is said that a lot of the channeling which has given us a lot of info has been misguided or direct lies from bad spirits. How do I know…?

What happened with all that  we gave you in 1996-1997? And suppose we are not right this time? Suppose we are pretending to be good Dolphins? What can go wrong if you continue to promote the information that people should be purifying their auras and closing portals and protecting themselves? Are their lives better?

Frances: Yes…

So continue on this path but full speed ahead. It does not all end on the 21st. It is actually the beginning of hell…

Frances: You were accurate and wise and right and I did not believe you then…

Note from Frances 12-16, 2012

We are aligning with the Dark Rift  on the 21st  as the Mayans predicted. It will a pour lots of negative energies on the Planet. We strongly recommend, regardless of your astrological sign, to do the Frustration Mantra to ensure you not get caught up with someone else’s erupting  anger. Repeat silently and with rhythmic breath this mantra 25-50 times a day:

Please God help us with our intention to heal the anger vasanas

A vasana is a deep-rooted scar on the mind.
Note from Frances 12-8- 2012 Now I know why I have been relentless in my goal of having everyone protect their throat chakra…read up on it here in English en Espanol


Note from Frances on the Dolphin conversations in 1996-97: this info is in the  book I wrote called The Gods Speak, Dolphin Wisdom Revealed

Note from Frances on the mutilated dolphins:  Check the news in November about the horribly mutilated dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. I wonder if the energies entering from the broken Brahmahvara are the unseen factor?)

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