Creation: How the world began

How the world began

according to the Dolphins

July 25, 2018

Note: Frances discovered the channels of the  Mind Body Connection which is the Fundamental Structure of the Universe  in 1994. She named the  channels Mindstrings. In Buddhism they are called mindstreams and also nadis, psychic veins. The Mindstrings are referred to in the original Lords’ Prayer in Aramaic.

 Science has identified some of the strings  in 1992 and call them Cannabinoid Receptors because of the positive influence Cannabis/CBD has on them.

The text in blue bold is Frances asking questions and making comments on what the Dolphins shared

How the world began

The world as you know it, is separate and all is individualized including drops of water, yet originally all was one, including the drops of water. All people were just one, people and God were just one.

But due to issues we will not go into, there was a determination to individualize so as to escape from a type of danger.

In order to do that, there had to be escape routes, tunnels, and that is what the structure of the strings are: channels that allow movement,

The movement is initially into the strings and then the other structures are created, except for the astral body. We will go back to the astral body in a few paragraphs

Creation of the strings of the fundamental structure of the Universe

The strings are conduits of what used to be a unit of being. As the liquid nectar of that being moved through the strings and away from the original unit, the “creations” lost their connection to the ONE and individuality became a priority. The individual needed to survive if another individual attacked him, because it was thought that to be “killed’ was to die. It was not known that to be killed was simply a killing off of one of the vehicles, liberating the astral spirit from it main bondage.

So the strings allowed for individualization, which is a moving away from the One that had included the consciousness that flows through the strings.

The causal body

The causal body is a program, like a computer program, that dictates behaviors or at least sways the behaviors of the individual in particular directions and towards and away from different choices.

This sounds like a game?

Yes it is like a game but a game that is deadly in that if the individual gets
‘lost”, he cannot get back to himself, which is the ONE.

Is that bad?

Yes it is bad in many ways. First and foremost, ONE is not complete until all return to complete the unit. And the individual is blocked from their core intention, which is to return “home”.

Battle between light and dark

On planet earth it is now time to “return home”. And the battle is between the ones who want to return home and the beings that don’t want them to return home.

That is the battle between light and dark, off of the planet. On the planet, the darkness can overcome the consciousness that was once part of ONE, but it cannot completely take it over, unless the individual consciousness loses its ability to manage it s assemblage of bodies. Then a being of the dark enters and takes over.

The more individualized consciousness is separated from its assemblage, prior to leaving planet earth, the weaker ONE becomes.

Who are the beings of the dark?

Messengers of the dark, just as all humans with an assemblage are messengers from the light.


How is the battle coming along? Who is winning, who is losing?

The battle was a fair fight until the nuclear bomb was exploded over Hiroshima. That event shifted the fate of the planet and has made it more difficult to stay connected to the assemblage, which is the core issue the individualized light needs to deal with.


The bomb over Hiroshima shifted the earth on its axis and earth lost its true spiritual “north”. The assemblage of bodies were no longer aligned with the Sun and all the flowing consciousness in the strings have to struggle to complete their tasks of creating, defending and then carefully leaving their assemblage of bodies. The vehicle they use to leave is the Merkhaba.

But if the other bodies are too damaged or the individual has escaped or gotten pushed out of their bodies and strings, then the  Merkabah does not work. In a sense, it cannot get off the ground to make the trip back “home”.

The Merkabah is the vehicle of flight, escape, but it cannot be used prematurely or if the individual breaks through a barrier that keeps the individual safe on this planet. If they leave in an immature vehicle, there is an automatic destruction of their consciousness and they can never return home.

Why the warning?

Because too many people practice working with their Merkahaba before their other bodies are evolved enough to handle the trip back home.

Nazis: Galactic science

Take the case of the Nazi regime. They knew about the Merkabah and what directions it needed to spin in. They worked diligently towards getting that Galactic travel down to a science. But they did not understand that just because they knew the direction that each triangle needed to spin in, did not mean the vehicle was ready to operate off planet. They lost not only many lives, they lost many souls and made the ONE weaker. They were helped by other beings who knew that would happen…

Back to the astral body

The astral body is an aberration of what is the ONE, a self centered being that reacts violently when it does not get what it desires. That is why it is called the desire body and not the emotional body. It is thwarted desires, not thwarted emotions, that create the reactions.

But in the case of the ONE, all the intentions are unity and wholeness whereas the astral body has multiple intentions and not just from this lifetime! To say there was a glitch in its programming is an understatement. The distortions are huge but it was a price that had to be paid so the individualized consciousness could find a temporary home.

Now that you understand the ultimate importance of the strings, which is the individualization of the nectar of the One, which everyone was part of and yearns and needs to return to.

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